Female Characters in Game would Appeal Less to Women?

In yet another case of what could be “foot in mouth” disease, another game developer has said something stupid about women.

When asked about the fact that there are no female characters in its online FPS, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Torn Banner Studios did not go for the usual “that would be unrealistic.” No, instead, the answer was a bit more creative.

And what was that answer? That adding female characters to the game would somehow appeal less to women.

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SavageKuma2180d ago

Honestly after talking to a majority of female gamers. They hardly care about the gender they play as. It is usually of fear of other gamers knowing they are female and getting hit on, so they rather play a male character instead. Hell even my friend didn't pick the female Spartan class in Halo 2 because of the fact she felt it was forced on her to play a female. So he is not totally wrong.

OneAboveAll2180d ago

It's kinda like wrestling. WWE has men wrestlers and women wrestlers but if you watch the womens matches no one really gives a crap because it's terrible to watch.

robinburks2179d ago

So basically women should not be seen because they may be abused. I better not leave the house today...