Halo 4 Review. A Masterpiece |

"The end of Halo 3 brought with it the supposed end of Master Chief. Bungie released Halo: Reach without the shining protagonist we all know and love. Halo 4 continues where Halo 3 left off. Master Chief has been tucked away in an intense hibernation period only to be awaken by Cortana. Cortana is an artificial intelligence agent aiding John in his endeavors. This time around though, she seems a lot more human, emotional and crazier than ever."

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moegooner882182d ago

Nice review, I can barely wait for the 6th of November now

Abojooj2182d ago

As much as you read, I cant tell you how exciting and amazing it is. If you are still in doubt about moving to an Xbox, now is the time fellas : )