What We Know About GTAV

Clickonline writes: "Grand Theft Auto V is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2013. Its arrival is already eagerly anticipated, but Rockstar insists on giving very little away. Here's a collection of what we know and some of the blanks that are yet to be filled in. What are you hoping for or most looking forward to in Grand Theft Auto V?"

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Deathclaw2229d ago

I really hope they sort out the gang members and followers this time and possibly make it two player on one Xbox. San Andreas was 2 player and then all of a sudden they went back to one player and Xbox live. Also, GTA 5 would even cooler if you could be a terrorist and make buildings fall down while free roaming, normally you would fire rockets at it and it wouldn't even tilt a bit.

For all fans:

Do you think the GTA 5 should have weapons that are q bit like saints row and more unique vehicles?

crimsonfox2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I truly dislike the feel of every gun in Saints Row... I couldn't get past "The Third". The only reason i bought it is because the GTA V trailer came out and I needed to play a Sandbox game bad...Also the whole building thing is an okay idea, But I don't think it would be implemented. And I'm okay with that just because it would ruin the entire world that R* creates.Plus that would make the game slow down like crazy.