Console Gaming is Dead. No Wait...It's Thriving...Isn't It?

Console gaming is dead! Right? It's not? Joe from takes a look at what is becoming an increasingly grey area in gaming.

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megamanX22180d ago

Well it might as well be dead the same garbage games get released every year.

Hazmat132180d ago

it is with great games coming like, beyond 2 souls and Halo 4 last of us and metro last light. console still have some power left in them for a couple of years before next gen. and lets hope its just gamers here and not fanboys of PC, 360 and PS3.

Treian2180d ago

Console gaming isn't dying. PC gaming isn't dying. Handheld gaming isn't dying. Stupid video game journalists.

Klonopin2180d ago

That would be like saying porn is dying.

Kingthrash3602180d ago

Ill retire from gaming when consoles are dead.....ill take up bowling. ( I was good in 10 pin ally so I shoud do well)

Soldierone2180d ago

Same here. I won't only game on my phone, it doesn't grab my attention as well. Even the "console quality" ones people brag about.

I'll just go back to spending all my money on comics.

Magic_Spatula2180d ago

Same. If console gaming dies, I'll still be PC gaming but will pick back up the old hobby of reading/collecting comics.

-MD-2180d ago

You must not be a very big gamer if you refuse to play a computer game or a handheld.

Kingthrash3602179d ago

I do play all forms of gaming but consoles got me started, hooked, and will end my gaming when it ends. I can't afford hardcore CPU gaming the way I am. I need the best consoles out there, CPU's are consistantly upgrading and I couldn't afford to keep up. Consoles upgrade every 5-8 years. I'm not judging CPU games or gamers it just I simply can't afford it. I'd continue my hand helds I own them all, but what's a vita without a playstation 3 or a 3ds without a wii. If yr talking iOS or android I can play them but cannot get into them, I need buttons and thumb sticks for me to feel comfortable. So bowling would be best

Hicken2180d ago

It's kinda hard to say console gaming is dying when more consoles have been sold this generation than in any other. One of those consoles saw its best sales just last year, and even though sales industry-wide are down, two of the consoles are still selling pretty well, while another is on the verge of seeing its successor launch.

But I guess if the DS and PSP could sell more than any handheld generation ever and STILL be "losing" to smartphones and tablets, then this generation's record numbers can show that consoles are dying.

Stupid question in the first place. No need to give a stupid question attention.

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