Nine New FEAR Screens

Today, Monolith released nine stunning new screenshots of their upcoming horror FPS, FEAR.

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TheMART5905d ago

Yeah the demo on marketplace is the old build from E3 2006, that's why all previews from online gamer mags say it's looking better then PC on high end settings.

I bet this will be stunning when it releases and the pics look good!

i own u5905d ago

are you kidding me? you must not know a high end PC. I own a crazy pc and can play fear maximum on every setting a a solid 130+ fps. I got the demo on live. It runs at a smooth 30 fps and the graphics aren't as good as a PC, so i'll play it on my PC. But I think this is only because it is a port of the pc version.

Also, I'm not a fan of console fps simply because controllers!! if consoles could support keyboard + mouse that'd be nice because it would make console fps alot more fun and enjoyable.

but hell no is this better than a high end pc.