Eurogamer Review: Halo 4

Eurogamer: "It's a beautiful game, with none of the garish colours that spoiled the remake of Combat Evolved last year. Halo has never looked better."

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Kingdom Come2181d ago

He barely discusses major topics regarding the game, did he even play it? I mean, seriously, one single paragraph for competitive multiplayer? This review is a joke...

Dante1122181d ago

Wow, these reviews have really been mixed as far as complaints and praises go. Overall, the product seems to be good though. Can't wait to play it.

dark-hollow2181d ago

Most reviews sofar is very positive with scores ranges from 8 to 9.8.

YodaCracker2181d ago

On Metacritic, the game currently has more perfect scores than it has scores under 9, with the lowest score being an 8. Sounds pretty positive to me!

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GuyManDude2181d ago


Dante didn't say the scores are mixed, just that the "complaints and praises" are mixed. In other words, some of the aspects that one reviewer really likes aren't as well received by another. For instance, I've seen a lot of varying opinions on the pace of the game.

But the scores are fantastic, so there's no need to be nervous.

insomnium22181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

LOL! Greenpowerz is all defensive......again. Who would've guessed that....

Come on it's Halo. It will get 8-10 across the board (mostly 9s and 10s) Happened with all other main Halo game no matter what. What's interesting to me is the way the graphics will look and what the scoring will be on that. Halo 3 got a free pass pretty much.

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kingdavid2181d ago

No offense but how are you supposed to 100% accurately assess the online multiplayer for a game which isnt out yet?

grayfoxx8812181d ago

Right now the Press and 343 developers have access to the multiplayer. I read GameInformer's review, and they also had a video on their website of some of the guys playing multiplayer, presumably against some of the developers because they were getting their asses kicked pretty bad.

lastofgen2181d ago

Testing within the company??
On-line isn't the only way to test out the mp modes.

miyamoto2181d ago

Easy, mate...just ask Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ak47Russia2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@Kingdom Come

Opinions are opinions, leave ur fanboyism aside...
I played the campaign and they are right halo 4 has a weak campaign not good at all. Still gonna buy it to check out the multiplayer.

I give the campaign a 6/10

Loki862181d ago

Not one person cares what your idea of a good game is, you've made clear through your comments that you are a diehard PS3 kid, emphasis on kid. Continue trolling every blog and continue you have a clue what you are talking about. Halo 4 is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, everything has been revamped changed, but still kept in the halo universe, isn't that what everyone wanted. Amazing job 343i.

@Gravelord - this review contains so many contrite nitpicks that it has no business being published anywhere.

GraveLord2181d ago

Eurogamer is the first real review.
All the other reviewers were obviously paid off.

IGN for example had absolutely NO COMPLAINTS about halo 4. The game is apparently perfect.

NastyLeftHook02180d ago

so its a joke cause you dont like the review? please...

Redgehammer2180d ago

I see Eurolamer is staying true to its love of the number 8

ALLWRONG2180d ago

warning: dfjgosdhgjdf is spamming PM's with Halo 4 spoilers.

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Ashunderfire862181d ago

Ign(9.8) and Gamespot(9.0) has a much better and detail review than this. Nuff Said.

Ak47Russia2181d ago

And if IGN scored it an 8 and Eurogamer a 9.8 you would say otherwise.

Stupid fanboys.....

Played the campaign and they are right halo 4 has a weak campaign not good at all. Still gonna buy it to check out the multiplayer.

I give the campaign a 6/10

Ashunderfire862181d ago

Stupid fanboys.....

Played the campaign and they are right halo 4 has a weak campaign not good at all. Still gonna buy it to check out the multiplayer.

I give the campaign a 6/10

Calling me a stupid fanboy, yet your a fan of it yourself and you still gonna buy it. For all I know you probably bootleg the game to play the campaign troll!!! Freeloader!!! That's the only way you played that campaign cause Halo 4 is not release yet.

AlphaJunk2180d ago

you've played it already???? but you're gonna buy it. wow - you're lame and a troll.

Norrison2180d ago

You say you played it when all your comments praise your god sony and hate on xbox games lol.

kwyjibo2181d ago

Yes, IGN's effusive gushing praise is so much better than this review which touches on how 343 have been inspired by Infinity Ward, and how 343 compares with Bungie, and the motivations of the player.

I mean, who cares about that right? IGN lists all the weapons and baddies and vehicles right? PEW PEW!

A-Glorious-Dawn2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Ah this reminds me of the Uncharted 3 8/10 review.

Oh the messages were all so similar.
Fanboys of all kinds really care about review scores.

I try to focus on what the review says, and learn then make judgements based upon that.

A number is a number..

Walker2181d ago

Oh simon parkin, i know you babe !

shaneTsung2181d ago

HALO 4 campaign SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. multiplayer is ok

lastofgen2181d ago

Lol...ok, buddy. Whatever you say.

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