9.0's Quarter Circle Forward Review: Hotline Miami

"Today I snuck up on an unsuspecting goon, knocked him over with a door, got onto the floor and smashed his head in against the bright neon walls. Afterwards I picked up the nearest shotgun, emptied it onto a floor of ignorant baddies and knocked over the last guy by throwing my heavy weapon while his back was turned. And then his friend who I had forgot about came up behind my back and smashed my brain all over the floor with a baseball bat. After a couple more tries I succeed in killing every last scumbag and made my way to the next gripping and intense floor of mayhem. I do this not only because this just so happens to be some of the most well designed and fun combat I’ve played recently, but also because the telephone told me to.

This is Hotline Miami and I hope you’ve left your morals at the door."

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