New Mario 3DS Models in December

There are some really snazzy looking Mario 3DS XL models that are going to be coming out just in time for Christmas. Read the article for full details.


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DivineAssault 2230d ago

plain white wouldve been nice

armycore2230d ago

But a bitch to keep clean.

Y_51502229d ago

I agree! My white DS lite was dirty on the edges. :P

karlowma2229d ago

Every time I think I'm ready to buy a 3DS, they announce a new version that I figure I'll wait for.

GuruStarr782229d ago

Damn, that gray one is nice... wish they would have brought the launch gray system here to the states... I ended up with blue, and then put a black carbon fiber skinomi over it... looks better, but the gray one is my fave..