Gaming Irresponsibly: Pool Nation Review

Ah, billiards, known best as America’s past time. It’s been known that our founding fathers wrote the declaration while also deciding between playing a 8 or 9 ball game of pool. And I’m sure everyone has heard of the time when Abraham Lincoln shopped down a tree with nothing but his pool cue. He then freed the slaves, of course, but that’s debatable. Enter Pool Nation, a recreation of the famous sport that boasts stylized visuals and nice controls which attempt to keep you loading up a rack of balls one game right after another. But can billiards really be that interesting and manage to keep your attention for more than thirty minutes?

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Scissorman822177d ago

wow, a billiard game that isn't entirely made of suck. great review.

TheGamerGeek2177d ago

Thank you, sir. And trust me, I was as surprised as you.