PS3 PlayTV Video Demo

Sony has talked up the multimedia capabilities of the PlayStation 3 since before it was launched - but it is only now that those promises are being met.

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BlackCountryBob4995d ago

I am delighted to have finally seen what looks to be the final GUI in action, looks ace, I want it now.

sonarus4995d ago

i wonder how much it will cost in the U.S. Also can you record your programs to an external hard drive i currently have a 160GB hard drive with like 60GB left:( need to get rid of some demos lol. Also can you connect it to view hi def programming assuming you have paid for hi def tv. It looks pretty cool and i wont hesitate to buy it once it comes out

THC CELL4995d ago

lol i can go back to amsterdam and watch english tv
i wonder it the psp slim with the av out will make it HD if i plug into my plazma ?

mighty_douche4995d ago

Nice thought, but the AV out (or component) only runs at SD resulotions not HD, but i have tried the component out on my LCD and id say the quality is easily that of a standard DVD so its perfectly watchable.

I actually tried putting some HD content on the SD card to try out if it did indeed output at HD but alas it doesnt.

anh_duong4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

if you go to amsterdam the last thing you would want to do is watch tv.

anyone know whether you can record tv and play games at the same time.

ravinash4995d ago

Oh, I don't know...find a nice coffee shop with problem. ;-)

Frances-the-Mute4995d ago

this looks cool, hope is easy to set up, cuz im kinda illiterate when it comes to add-ons


Jdoki4995d ago

If you can manage to plug your PS3 in to a wall socket, and pick up a controller I suspect you'll be able to deal with this add-on! :)

Depending on price this could be really big for Sony.

My PS3 is connected to a TV along with a cheapo Freeview box. If I could get rid of that AND gain PVR functions through PlayTV for a decent price I'll be really happy.

Throw in on-demand downloadable TV shows and Movies through PSN and the PS3 really looks to have most things covered.

nn4995d ago

looks good
can I watch one channel on PS3 and another on PSP? or PIP on PS3?

bourner4995d ago

yer i wonder if it has pip that would be good . i dont think you can record one thing and watch another

Jdoki4995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

The article states that it's a dual tuner device. Which means you will be able to record one channel while watching another (and potentially record the channel you are watching and one other).

The dual tuner also opens up the potential for PiP although there's been no mention of it, but could be patched in later I suppose.

They also mention they are looking to patch in (maybe) recording a channel in the background while playing a game. I'm not so sure about this, as it would have to require some resources be allocated to the PlayTV service, and that could impact game performance... But I'm no software engineer!

Rama262854995d ago (Edited 4995d ago )

You can record one programme while watching another since it has two turners built into it. I presume you can also record two things at the same time. The same as Sky+ I believe!

EDIT: Jdoki - You beat me to it lol

Rama262854995d ago

Has anyone ever found out whether you can record a programme while playing a game at the same time? That would be a huge plus to me and I'm sure many others.

Anyone know?

Jdoki4995d ago

See my post above... The PlayTV devs are looking at the possibility of patching in this feature. But it won't be in for launch.

paul_war4995d ago

"At the moment you can't record TV in the background while playing a game on the PS3 but I'm told the software developers are working hard to add the feature. If it isn't available at launch, the feature could be added later as a software update."

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