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How does Borderlands 2 compare to its predecessor? Game Freaks 365's Braxton McCord reviews the sequel, and says "["Greetings Vault Hunter! Welcome to Pandora, a world of danger and riches. Borderlands 2 picks up five years from where its predecessor left off. The vault has been opened, releasing a new element called Eridium into the land of Pandora. This causes the world to be inhabited and industrialized by the Hyperion Corporation, who plans to mine the planet for all of its precious resources. Handsome Jack, the game's antagonist, is in charge of Hyperion and is determined to rid Pandora of both your group of friends and you."... "Borderlands 2 is sure to give you and your friends hours and hours of enjoyment, laughter and overall entertainment. Gearbox has outdone themselves with many aspects of the game: customization, gunfight mechanics and even the voice-acting."]". Check out the full review for more details about the 'FPRPG'.

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Scissorman822230d ago

Game of the Year? I think so! Great review.