Treyarch’s Mark Lamia promises that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will push gaming’s boundaries

Mark Lamia’s day of reckoning is approaching: Nov. 13. That’s the day that Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II goes on sale around the world. The previous Call of Duty games have been the fastest-selling games of all time. And once again, Lamia’s Treyarch game studio is up to bat on the franchise (it shares development duties on the franchise with Infinity Ward). This time, the developers took a lot of risks, taking the storyline of the game from the late 1960s into the near-future of combat in the year 2025. While the battlefield is full of deadly drones and robot mechs, Call of Duty still focuses on the infantry soldier’s combat experience.

GamesBeat spoke with Lamia about what Treyarch tried to accomplish and how they will define success as hardcore fans pick up the game on Nov. 13.

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nrvalleytime2180d ago

I don't think it will push boundaries, but the game does look really interesting man. It might be the best Modern Warfare title since the first one.

I'm not a COD fanboy by any means, but you have to judge the game based on what it is and not what we might expect.

Tonester9252180d ago

lol oh no. Delete your account please

M-M2180d ago

It's not Modern Warfare.

nrvalleytime2180d ago

^ Different title, same game.

@Tonester925 - son, please.

Scissorman822180d ago

Not the biggest CoD fan, but I'm going to hold off on buying this one. Clearly not a Day-One buy like Modern Warfare 2 or even 3...

BattleAxe2180d ago

Modern warfare 2 was a day one buy, but Modern Warfare 3?.....not a chance. That game sucked, and it sucked so bad that I traded it in 4 days after I bought it. Black ops 2 might be the best CoD game since MW2, we'll just have to wait and see.

stage882179d ago

You're kidding right? Treyarch's games are so much better than Infinity Turd.

Intentions2180d ago

Haha no, in terms of graphics they are really.......>_<

CommonSenseGamer2180d ago

That's because graphics are everything right?

Honestly, accept the game for what it is and have fun else steer clear of it. Simple as that.

Intentions2180d ago

thats why i said in terms of graphics....i didn't say anything else.

chadboban2180d ago

Riiiiiiiiiiight. Sure it will.

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The story is too old to be commented.