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Entertainment Fuse is here to tell you that the newest Dark Souls DLC is worth it and let you know what you're getting for your time and money!

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YoungPlex2230d ago

Excellent review! Haven't put Dark Souls down since the DLC! It almost feels like a full blown expansion because of all the equipment and PVP items your able to obtain, not to mention the new multiplayer modes. This just gives me hope that a another sequel is in the works and that FromSoftware is still keeping the world of Dark Souls alive and well. Happy slaying...

TerraMantis2224d ago

Thanks Plex. I work hard on video reviews, it's nice when people give me some encouragement. But what can I say? Talking positively about Dark Souls comes easily to me, let's just say I don't give a 9 lightly, let alone a 9.5.

Dark Souls is a piece of mastery for the genre and gaming medium, some might call it a masterpiece, I do.

Xristo2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I just bought this game off of for $19 and some change (PC).... holy hell it's hard!! I'm loving it though!

-GametimeUK-2230d ago

Welcome to the community. Stick at it and the payoff is HUGE! I am now pretty damn good at the PVP, take part in community events like fight clubs and can also beat this game faster than I ever thought possible during my first play through. It's a learning experience and I feel like I have really earned my skills. It is very rewarding and addictive.

I just wish I had the DLC. I'm a bit broke at the minute and it kills me to see so many people having fun on it yet it makes me happy that people are enjoying it.

belac092229d ago

its not so hard once you get the patterns of fighting down, its sooo badass though huh?!

maelstromb2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (PC) is my GOTY thus far, even after having played Dishonored and currently XCom. The depth, complexity, detail and sheer amount of content within that game was absolutely astounding! And the Artorias of the Abyss DLC was an incredible, and unexpected, addon packed to the absolute brim with a massive amount of content--all of which was incorporated seamlessly into the rest of the original DS game itself. Maddening at times, yes, but Artorias represents a brilliant addition to one of the finest games of 2011 (or for PC players, 2012).

aquamala2230d ago

It's $20 now at amazon, when just the dlc is $15 on consoles

noisemedia2230d ago

I couldnt agree with you guys more! Dark Souls has been one of the most frustrating and rewarding gaming experiences I have ever had.

I cant recall another game that had me sitting for hours at work strategizing about how to beat various bosses or trying to come up with new ways to get through areas that had me stumped. Ive literally raced home to try and beat Smough and Ornstein for the 20th time - with no success - until finally one fateful afternoon...and then what a feeling of accomplishment! That may sound lame to some of you but those of us who have been sucked into Dark Souls know there was no greater feeling than finally receiving the Lord Vessel and realizing how much more of the game had just been opened up.

Now, this DLC is like a door into a whole new world...I walked into the Artorias battle for the first time yesterday and got destroyed in seconds. So now its on, and let me tell you Im gonna be bummed when its all said and done...and dont even get me started on the joys and frustrations of PVP. What a freaking masterpiece of a game!

Come on From Software! Give us more!

belac092229d ago

this game in whole has literally changed my gaming preferences for life, i could really just play this game forever.

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