Dragon Quest VII 3DS Is Really Big News, Here's Why

Nintendo Enthusiast looks at the original Dragon Quest VII and what this remake means for the 3DS.

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LX-General-Kaos2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Square Enix has been very good to Nintendo as of late. Recently releasing Bravely Default as a Nintendo 3DS entertainment system exclusive. Now recreating the greatness that is Dragon Quest VII. This is very big and important news toward the success of the Nintendo product line. Likely creating mass brand awareness in Japan, to be topped off by a rather large potential payday with chart topping sales.

A move like this is a smart strategic game plan to give our Japanese brethren and hopefully the rest of the world at some point the jrpg experience that they deserve. The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system will likely move many units due to this re release. Further cementing its spot as the number 1 on the go dedicated handheld experience today.

As the article stated. Hopefully if the business relationship between square and Nintendo stays positive. Just maybe one day we will see a AAA quality Final Fantasy title released.

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-Mika-2179d ago

Im more excited about Tales of Heart R. I just hope they bring it over to the states.

Menashe2178d ago

I thought the Tales series would be better represented on the 3DS but it seems they have their hearts set on the Vita instead.