Randy Pitchford praises Wii U GamePad

Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford has claimed the Wii U GamePad is Nintendo's best ever controller for a first-person shooter.

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Dlacy13g2176d ago

Let's be honest with ourselves...Would Randy really slam new hardware that he is releasing a new IP for it in the near future? OFCOURSE he will sing its praises. I am not saying the WiiU sucks or anything of the kind. I just think its a bit silly to look at praise for the WiiU from someone who has a monetary stake in it being successful as anything other than more PR. He wants you to buy his game if you have a WiiU or are thinking of getting a WiiU, so why would he say anything other than the WiiU pad is great? its not rocket science people.

galgatronth2176d ago

You have to remember, He also releases games for the xbox and playstation. So calling out the flaws of their versions of implementing touch-control wouldn't exactly be good for business either.

Army_of_Darkness2176d ago

It's a Tablet with buttons, so of course the casuals will flock to it.

herbs2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

It's a Controller with more features, so of course the core gamers will flock to it.

Ducky2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

... at the same time, if he wasn't developing anything for the system, then his comments are also put into doubt. Why would he praise a system, yet not develop a game for it if he thinks it's so great?

Neonridr2176d ago

like the other poster said, why would he go out on a limb and say that the Wii U version will look the best, and the Wii U version will be the definitive console experience, and the gamepad is the best FPS controller out there when he is releasing a PS3 and 360 version of Aliens as well. He is merely speaking from experience..

camel_toad2176d ago

I'm not a fan boy of any system but logic = logic. The game is coming out on every platform so I'm going with my gut that he's just speaking his mind.

linkratos2176d ago

But when Sony developers claim that there is still plenty of untapped potential in the PS3 no one here holds them to that same suspicion.

herbs2176d ago

galgatronth just shit all over your comment Dlacy13g

Dlacy13g2175d ago

The PS3 & 360 are established bases, he is not worried at all that the game won't sell on those systems. He has over 60 million users for both the 360 and PS3. He has zero on the WiiU at the moment and lots of money sunk into development for that system specifically. On top of that 3rd party "mature" games sold like crap on the Wii. He wants to do all he can to help WiiU sales along and get his game selling well there too.

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Samus HD2176d ago

what's not to like on the controller?!
has buttons and comfortness and the use of the touchscreen makes it an incredible controller (i only wish it had multitouch, but not that big of deal)

Pillsbury12176d ago

I'm gonna love my wii u and I'm gonna love my ps4, love freely :)

hard joe2176d ago

hope the controller can be played by itself like a portable

JokerFock2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

i hope this gamepad will be great for all games,like FPS,Casual or Fighting game...and i hope too that this gamepad will be standard controller for next nintendo console

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The story is too old to be commented.