Commodore 64 Titles To Join Virtual Console?

According to reports in the official U.S. Nintendo Power magazine, several Commodore 64 games may be emulated on the Wii's virtual console.

Although no specific titles were named, the only indications so far are of titles from now defunct U.S. developer Epyx, maker of the likes of Impossible Mission and the Summer/Winter/World/California Games series. Best known for their work on the 8-bit Commodore 64 home computer, Epyx also designed the prototype Lynx console for Atari as well as several of its games.

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James Pond: Robocod and Impossible Mission due for imminent release on Switch

As revealed in the latest Argos catalogue, budget publisher System 3 is about to release a range of £9.99 code-in-a-box Switch titles. An unlikely source if ever there was.

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bigmalky1848d ago

Loved these games back on the Amiga. System 3 need to release a C64 pack with Last Ninja and Myth too.

Fritzwochel1848d ago

I do wonder how these games hold up today. I loved Robocod when it first came out, but help me that feels like a past lifetime, it’s been so long. The Amiga days were great.


JonTron Plays California Games

It's finally Summer time and JonTron has decided to celebrate the warm weather by staying indoors to play the not-so-"rad" title California Games.

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The Agony of Defeat, from Summer Games to California Games II: The Epyx Fail Reel

I spent the two weeks of the Olympic games in Sochi posting articles on my site about the vaunted Games series from Epyx. To close things out I produced what I call the Epyx Fail Reel, a compilation of all my F-ups while recording footage for the various articles.

So, for your consideration, the Epyx Fail Reel: http://thedoteaters.com/?p=...

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Grave3648d ago

OMFG I died laughing. I played and failed at most of these in my younger days. What a blast from the past!

AceofStaves3648d ago

So many memories of these games. What great times!

Bathyj3648d ago

Many a keyboard on C64 took a beating from the 100m sprint. Summer games, Winter Games and Californian Games are some of my best gaming memories ever. I fell sorry for kids that grew up after Playstation era.

GuruMeditation3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Same here. Got through waay too many of those flimsy joysticks with games like these on my c64. They should make a wiimote or move version where you just convulse violently until the sprint's finished...

iceman063648d ago

These games bring back some of my most fond gaming moments. Playing these games with a group of friends was priceless. Thanks for the memories and for everybody who posted finally NOT making me feel old!!! LOL

FunAndGun3647d ago

Hacky Sacking and Surfing in California Games fueled my gaming addiction back in the day! It's amazing how you kinda forget those memories until your brain gets a kickstart by seeing something like this. Good times indeed.