Look on my Works, ye Mighty

Thought to have been written somewhere around the 8th to 11th century AD, Beowulf is remembered and read to this day. Released in 1941, Citizen Kane is still lauded by critics and watched by many a film lover, with a Blu Ray release having come out only last year. Will individual games have the same lifespan? - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2182d ago

I could see a series having a comparable lifespan, but not the individual games themselves.

knifefight2182d ago

I was thinking about this myself just the other day. To predict it now would of course be extremely hard to say (as any entertainment-based prediction for the future). One might want to say that oh, they have so much market penetration, but really, compared to those classic stories in their own times? It's not in the same ballpark. While the quality might be there for *us* to see, a lot of the culture isn't turned onto games with strong narratives yet. There's still a lot of stereotype and negative stigma surrounding them.

AceofStaves2181d ago

While I can see some game series, like Mario, being remembered for decades to come, I can't see any situation where games achieve the same centuries-long 'word fame' of "Beowulf." "Beowulf" is a highly significant work in the history of the English language and literature as one of the few extant examples of Anglo-Saxon epic heroic poetry as well as one of the few examples we have of the Old English language.

I think the gaming medium is too limited by its requirements to transcend those barriers to artistic significance or greatness. Game makers have to ensure that the players of those games will enjoy playing them. They have to focus on the fun factor, first and foremost. People don't buy games to see the developers' take on society and the human condition. They want to blow things up, defeat their friends in multiplayer, find the princess, reach the level cap, and so one. A game like 'God of War' is popular because Kratos is a badass, not because it is a fun example of a modern interpretation of the ancient Greek heroic epic.