Gearbox Software gives gamers a Halloween Treat with Skin SHiFT Codes

Happy Halloween everyone! Today Gearbox Software treats gamers to a little Halloween goodie, Borderlands 2 skins! These codes are being offered as SHiFT codes. Keep in mind that SHiFT codes are redeemable in the Borderlands 2 ‘Extras” menu, not in the redeem code section of your console. These spooky Halloween skins are sure to make any Vault hunter look trendy this season. So far codes for the four original characters have been released; however, the Mechromancer also has just been released!

SOURCE: Gearbox Software's Social Media

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Big_Mex2177d ago

Good find thank you! Already redeemed mine.

TheSuperior 2176d ago

Great can't wait to download mine :)


These are the unknown skins from the GAME!!!

GTRrocker6662174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

They dont even look like halloween themed. They should have game them themed costumes like a zombie hunter or vampire etc.

GTRrocker6662173d ago

Awesome. I cant even download these until i do the stupid patch that will take me hours to download. Fuck all these games with these big ass patches like borderlands 2 and sleeping dogs.

I started to download the sleeping dogs patch so I coulf play the halloween dlc and it said it would take me 500 minutes to download. Are you fucking kidding me? I dont have slow internet either. I have zero problem with ps3 updates or online gaming. This is bullshit.