Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 game development clearly happening now with EA

EA is among the largest and most successful publishers in gaming today, and their second quarter results not only reflected that, but they also indicated the amount of money EA is currently investing in next-generation gaming development.

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Cam9772180d ago

Oh EA, it would be you to spoil something (next gen is very close).

RuleNumber52180d ago

Why is this not surprising though?

darthv722180d ago

if the next gen isnt a technical revolution but simply the regular evolution of gaming.

for that, we will see a bump in cpu performance, gpu performance but more than likely we will see a greater bump in memory.

The current fidelity in games being produced will make better use from the increase in memory than the other two. Not saying the other two arent as important but lets just say that with more memory to work with, it makes the cpu/gpu job easier.

There is a cost factor to consider for these new platforms and memory expansion is one of the cheapest.

guitarded772180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

It should only surprise morons who think games are developed in the 6 month period from most game announcements.

@ DarthV
Next gen may not be a huge revolutionary leap, but I do expect more solid performance in trade of the lack of eye candy. Next gen should be more about refined experiences that were new to this gen.

tubers2180d ago


Oh please yes! I am actually pretty satisfied with the geometry and shading in current games.. it's the textures that are actually blemishing the visuals for me on console games more often than not (w/c would be solved by more RAM!).

Can't wait for the next gen! :D

morkendo232180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

would not be surprised one bit if PS4 technology same as wii U with tablet controller.

wastedcells2180d ago

I agree with darth.. The memory is a much needed boost game developers need to increase productivity. Working around restrictions takes time and money. Freedom to carry out your vision without hurdles is a plus.

bozebo2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Well, they will also be vastly more graphically capable, with much better CPUs (CPU power increasing the least though). Tech gets better and cheaper.

RAM will go from 512MB to 4GB or more.
Graphical capabilities will be going from 30fps not even 720p with blurry low res deferred rendering buffers and low res textues, to 1080p with textures 4x higher in quality and deferred buffers at the native res instead of factored down, and a lot more games at 60fps (until marketing push the graphical requirements up to compete and more games have to drop to 30fps)

RAM performance will be getting 8x better (im not sure if the speed will be a big deal).
But graphical performance will be going up 20x+, the actual visual impact of this isn't so huge though, but it's not necessarily expensive - it's still silicon, R&D costs are the potential problem.

nukeitall2180d ago

Apart from the obligatory bump in graphics fidelity and technology, I expect a leap in available services and features not related to gaming.

That is where the competition will heat up. That said, I see no reason why gaming still wouldn't be a big part of next generation.

RAM increase will be significant, but let's face it. To support all these other services, a lot of the memory will be reserved for the OS/system just like the Wii U.

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showtimefolks2180d ago

hold on a second who here doesn't know that games are in development for next gen systems? on one hand most of y'all want to shout wii-u is next gen well if that's the case than yes they are in development. I do also believe that sony and ms have provided 3rd party publishers with all the specs so they can start working on next gen titles

this article is useless its like saying there will be another COD next year and its in development well who doesn't know that

i can't wait to see some of y'all react when either ms or sony doesn't announce a new system for fall of 2013. The earliest a system from either will come out is 2014.

darthv722180d ago

"i can't wait to see some of y'all react when either ms or sony doesn't announce a new system for fall of 2013. The earliest a system from either will come out is 2014."

the lack of announcing a system does not invalidate the development of games for those unannounced systems. That is why there is such a thing called a "development cycle".

simply put, they more than likely started working on their successors shortly after the first ones were sold. That is how things work.

you dont sit back and just watch, you get back to the R&D and work on things you hadnt thought of during the previous development cycle.

What helps tremendously now more than all other console generations prior is the gap between PC and console is narrowing. So the development of titles on high end PC's that are modular gives these devs the ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the hardware.

So when the time is right and the final specs have been sent to mfg, the games will be ready to take advantage.

RuleNumber52180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@showtimefolks False, false, false. There are too many developers, publishers and general people who work in the industry that all say there will be a new console out next year with a second to follow during the early part of 2014 (No I'm not referring to Pachter because he's not who I'm talking about) People don't just walk around saying that, especially in this industry, unless they have a real reason to. They must have some sort of inside knowledge or indication. There is going to be a system that comes out, most likely the next Xbox, next year. There is just too much to support pointing at that.

showtimefolks2180d ago


fall 2013 makes sense but don't expect anyone to release a high profile home console in early 2014. console launches are always during holiday season

its not time for another system xbox360 and ps3 are still delivering and will do so for next 12-24 months. go ahead click disagree but fall 2013 for next xbox360 imo won't happen and we know ps4 isn't due till fall 2014 anyway

when these systems are still selling so well and may i remind you still selling for 25-300 bucks

DeadlyFire2180d ago

Xbox 3 will release in Fall 2013.
PS4 will release in Spring 2014. Most likely April. That's what I expect anyway.

Kos-Mos2180d ago

Ok y`all. Are you an afro-american woman from the ghetto?

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AfricanGamer9ja2179d ago

i would love it to be BLACK2,its a shame that this gen is about to end and EA has not tought to bring back the game,afterall the original on the ps2/xbox was a very good game.For is time the destruction and and gun play was epic and fun so i can only imagine what it will look like for the ps4/720.

Cam9772179d ago

I loved BLACK when I played it on my PS2! At the time, it offered something other FPS games lacked.

Beastforlifenoob2179d ago

Oh... But next gen is already here!
Remember all those WII-U fans saying WII-U was next gen well than

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LX-General-Kaos2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Thats good news. Looking forward to seeing what they can come up with on the xbox 720. And how they can harness the power of the next generation of xbox live into their next generation projects.

Due to the financial earnings of this generation. I predict the next generation xbox will offer they highest end of specs of the bunch. EA will likely create some beautiful games on the platform. Which will most likely be the leading platform for their titles just as this generation.

Dread2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

why the disagrees?

haters gonna hate i guess. If your comment would have said Playstation 4 instead of xbox 720 you would have more than ten agrees by now.

Robochobo2180d ago

I'm excited to see what the Wii U is going to bring for next gen. Even though it might be dated to some people, it is an improvement compared to the 360 and PS3, and yet we see beautiful games like the Last of Us and Halo 4 at the end of an aging generation. I'm going to look forward to what developers can do when they fully harness what the Wii U is capable of, and how they can integrate the touch pad with it. Hopefully it's not going to be as bad as others think and it might actually put competition in these (as much as it hurts to say) next gen console wars.

tubers2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Just like how they harnessed the power of the Wii.. same story, different gen.

PS4/720 will lead the more core titles because the Wii U just won't have the power for it.

Not talking about sales here.. We all know Wii U's gonna be the "family/friends/casual console" leading that figure.

R6ex2180d ago

Wii U ?

Mainly for kids.


Neonridr2180d ago

let's all wait until the specs of the 720/PS4 are released before you brag about something you may shoot yourself in the foot for later..

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Conzul2180d ago

Hope to hear about other studios doing Nextgen projects soon. I don't like EA much.

Angrymorgan2180d ago

I bet a gta game is already in the works for next gen

Eldyraen2180d ago

Angrymorgan: I doubt a next gen GTA is already in the works as 5 isn't even out yet. More than likely though they are already working on a new engine or are simply adapting the current for dx11 in anticipation of the next gen consoles.

Perhaps that could be why they aren't showing their hand with a PC release window--they could use it to showcase 5 on an updated engine (its what I'm hoping for anyways, lol). Hopefully we'll see another Red Dead sometime next generation as well (I think I'd rather have it than a next gen gta so soon after 5, but that could just be me).

Angrymorgan2180d ago

@ eldyraen
I mean in the works as in throwing ideas around etc, not programming and stuff.....
Another red dead would be awesome too, loved that game

Heavenly King2180d ago

Both consoles in the next generation will have super-hyper-duper-uber graphics. The Best console between those 2 will be the one that can do more multitasking, what the OS offers, exclusive games and features, a great user interface, and maybe a huge app store.

I think Sony should do an OS that is a hybrid between what they want to do and android.

tubers2180d ago

If they're going with an Android-esque route, they should experiment with the VITA 1st.

ZoyosJD2179d ago

You mean like the Sony xperia smartphone?

Npugz72180d ago

Can't wait til they announce these next gen consoles! Pleeeeaaasssssseeee hurry up we have waited long enough!