You Know You’re an Xbox 360 Fan When…

There are certain times and places in everyday society that remind players of gaming. From being stuck at work to listening to a teacher give a boring lecture in a class, gaming could instantly be on your mind. Sometimes just seeing a specific color or hearing a certain sound will sway one’s mind into thinking about this addicting hobby. Gaming is something that can take over lives; it can become an escape from life’s problems and just a way for people to find a tranquil place in order to relax. There are a few off-the-wall things that can happen in everyday society that trigger one’s mind to think about games. This list caters to the Xbox 360 fans out there. These are humorous but sure fire ways to prove that you are a big Xbox 360 fan!

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TheSuperior 2269d ago

lol the achievement ones really get me. Its funny cuz somtimes it sounds like a hear them but then... i dont o.O

Xbox is brain washing me haha jk

btw just cuz it my favorite holiday and I feel the joy it brings; Happy Halloween everybody! :D

Snookies122269d ago

Lol, I've had a similar experience before with the PS trophy sound. Thought I heard it while out in public once...

Happy Halloween to you as well, perfect time of year to play scary games. Now I'm happy I've been waiting to play Dead Space 2. :D

darthv722269d ago

being a fan of games (in general) but maybe playing one platform more than another? Does that make you a fanboy?

For me, i just enjoy gaming too much to fully commit myself to a single platform. I try to play them all but yeah, I do play certain ones more than others.

My preferred platform currently is the 360 but I wont go to the point of calling PS3 fans ignorant because they may not share the same POV. To each their own.

If I had to be a fan of a company/platform then it would be SEGA. Long live SEGA!

Snookies122269d ago

@darthv72 - I think maybe you responded to the wrong comment lol!

BitbyDeath2269d ago

@Snookies, were you doing something trophy worthy at the time?

darthv722269d ago

not really. Both you (snookies) and thesuperior are obviously more fans of your respected platforms because of the thought that you two would hear the various trophy/achievement sounds outside of playing games.

My question was aimed at either to see if me not taking sides but leaning more towards the middle still counts me as a fan?

I consider myself a fan of gaming in general. Yet I have seen what taking sides does to people. It takes what started out as a way to unwind and relax with a game and turned it into a pissing contest between one pixel more on screen than the other.

I dont hear the achievement/trophy sounds outside of games. So I guess that mean Im out of the club you two are members of.

guitarded772269d ago

I wish XBOX would use a different sound for achievements and notifications. Sometimes I think I got an achievement, but it was just a friend getting online. Anyway, the sound of achievements and trophies is rewarding... can't wait to hear what Nintendo does with their accomplishments. Some say the coin sound form Mario games, but then you'll have a damned fit when you play a Mario game.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32269d ago

"You Know You’re an Xbox 360 Fan When…" yawn at Sony exclusives? :P

pixelsword2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

That's a lot of yawning...

At any rate,

You know you're a 360 fan when you like the 360 brand and enjoy it's games.

*closes dictionary*

kikizoo2268d ago

"My preferred platform currently is the 360 "

stooooop..only a xbox fan(boy or girl) can say that (an ignorant too).

darthv722268d ago

did i hit a nerve or something?

People can have preferences but does that automatically mean they must despise the other?

If you choose one over the other and call those that dont agree fanboys...that makes you a fanboy as well.

RSPproductionz2268d ago

You Know You’re an Xbox 360 Fan When... you look like this...

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JoGam2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Lol...Let me try....You know ur a Xbox fan when you stealth disagree on every PS3 article on N4G. LoL

Everybody give one for fun. Who's cares if it comes off as trolling. Just for fun. Lets try to be level minded for once. No fighting.

LackTrue4K2268d ago

4uck it, i came here for all the jokes on both ends!!! :)

ALLWRONG2268d ago

There are more stealth PS3 fan disagrees than there are 360 on this site. Sorry but that is fact.


when you saw kinect and you secretly thought to yourself: "WHYYYYYYY DID SONY GET THE Wii ONE?!?!):



you know youre an xbox 360 fan when you desperately try to convince yourself that a 10 minute performance from usher was necessary.

WetN00dle692268d ago


Point Proven!

6 Agrees
14 Disagrees

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2269d ago

@TheSuperior.... Happy Halloween to you too man.


DaThreats2269d ago Show
SheaHoff2269d ago

I'm definitely familiar with muting people


Thunk... AC3 in Xbox 360... ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

beerkeg2269d ago

You Know You’re an Xbox 360 Fan When…you own an Xbox 360?

swice2269d ago

I'm giving you a bubble for intelligence