Disney’s recent history suggests it might not be ‘business as usual’ at LucasArts for long

The Walt Disney Company hasn't spent much time producing high-end games recently and instead focuses on a mobile and social strategy. It's admitted it wants to do the same with Star Wars.

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JeffGrubb2177d ago

I don't want Star WarsVille.

Lucreto2177d ago

Sell Monkey Island to Double Fine.

KMCROC2177d ago

Why can't they just own it without Fking shit up why must the old farts in charge always find a ways to fk stuff up. come on you left ESPN alone , you have not messed w/ Marvel, why is it u feel the need to screw with Lucas-Arts & everything else.

Haha1232177d ago

If they wont make the games themself at least give the rights to other developers like Bethesda or Doublefine or even TellTale

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