Nvidia spent 4 to 5 million on Crysis marketing

"When Nvidia said it didn't spend any cash on Crysis this might have even been partially true. It is a digital world so barely anyone sees any bills these days. Nvidia on the other hand did spend a lot of money on Crysis marketing.

Sources very close to the company have said that the company spent some 4 to 5 million dollars in marketing. They didn't give the money, they simply spent it for marketing, and I am sure that that makes a huge difference.

A significant amount of money was burned in Crysis launch events that Nvidia did in Turkey, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia and the common countries in EU and US.

Nvidia also spend a lot of money on Geforce LAN in San Francisco where it wanted to put some focus on Crysis.

This number of 4 to 5 million also involves some Add in board partners and OEM bundles that Nvidia did with the game.

So Nvidia didn't give any cash, just the value worth of 4 million. I wish it invests this kind of money in independent publishers such as ourselves as we would sure see a lot of value there."

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mighty_douche3992d ago

Crysis was as much about selling Graphics Cards as it was copies of the game.

Hence the new 8800GT being released at the same time.

Gorgon3992d ago


Anyway, 4-5 million USD in PR to just sell above 1 million copies? Even The Witcher sold as much as that with a fraction of the PR cost.

EvilJoey3992d ago

Yes They might have spent that much on the game... But like the first guy said it was more abou tthe graphics than the game it self.

Thats and You know it works both ways... Im sute there in nvidia Logo's On the box... Prolly on every comercial... prolly on the start up of the game...

AnD Nvidia Will use this game to showcase there cards for atleast a year or 3 ... So it was proably a worth while investment for them.

On the game numbers.. The only reason its so low is the requirements.
The witcher sold more >well for now... give people time to have there computers catch up to the game... The only reason i dont have crysis is becuase My computer would cry if i tried to play it.
Its numbers will go up.

bozobucketeer3992d ago

Maybe instead of pitching a game they should lower graphic card prices to something reasonable. It doesn't make sense how a graphic card costs more than an entire console.

ip-student3992d ago

RPGs are still doing okay (Witcher has sold well) but in general PC gaming has gone more casual - part because the vast majority of PC simply lack the power to play games. This is the fault of Dell and all the other manufactures - they have sold crappy machines with stupid specifications that are poorly matched. Sure I want a blazing fast CPU with a POS GPU.[/end sarcasm] So the PC market is actually rather small compared to what it should be when it comes to PCs with GPUs that can actually play decent games.

Of course PC gaming has been in a downward spiral for a while but I suspect it is going to get worse until Intel and AMD come out with the multicore chips that actually do graphics fairly well right out of the box. If that don't happen - sell your Intel, Nvidia, AMD and MS stock.

rbanke3992d ago

If i didnt follow gaming sites, id never have heard of it. I havnt seen any ads or anything for it.