Need For Speed: Most Wanted - The Vita version is way closer to the 360/PS3 game than you'd think

Gamesradar- Need For Speed: Most Wanted on PS Vita uses the same city layout and element placement as the 'big' console versions. Obviously there have to be some graphical concessions to make the game run on the Vita. But how close can it get? Take a look at the following images taken from the Vita and Xbox 360 versions of the game and see for yourself.

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Neonridr2230d ago

hmm, the car models look pretty close, but the game world has been reduced quite a bit in complexity. If you look at the ground, the textures are flat and simple on the Vita, plus if you look at the buildings, they are missing things that are placed on the roofs. Not to mention the vegetation looks significantly downscaled. Don't get me wrong, it looks like a great game, but obviously sacrifices had to be made. Glad they are able to get a lot out of the system, too bad there aren't enough people with Vita's to buy the game.

rpd1232230d ago

Well I think more people will buy it. A lot came out on the 30th and it had to compete with AC3 Liberation and Ragnarok Odyssey. Not to mention AC3 and NFS on home consoles.

Neonridr2230d ago

I just meant that unless you are a hardcore handheld player, or someone who is desperate to support the Vita, you would be more inclined to get this game for the 360 or PS3 over the Vita.

rpd1232230d ago

Oh, I feel you. That's true too.

Nitrowolf22230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

eh not really judging fromt hose screens. The texture and the amount of stuff is more different than close. It looks good, but the difference is clear as day. Cars look pretty close though.
Still buying this for Vita

Cam9772230d ago

I saw gameplay fortube Vita version and I was amazed, it looks fantastic for a handheld title! Also, the reduced traffic is better because it is a smaller screen therefore; less traffic makes it easier to drive.

kopicha2230d ago

agree... even with the reduce traffic. some times the game is just running so fast that you couldnt react fast enough to dodge certain stuffs. pretty amazing for a handheld game looking at how much they manage to retain from the console big bro version. one who has to played it will know. seeing screenshot is just not enough.

wastedcells2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Pretty impressive for a handheld game. Especially considering the vita hasn't even been out for a year yet and 360 is coming to an end of a console generation.

SandWitch2230d ago

You can clearly see the difference, but VITA version is still pretty close to a console version. It looks especially good when you see it on a small VITA's screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.