Assassin's Creed 3: All DLC confirmed for Wii U

"The publisher plans to launch five pieces of Assassin's Creed 3 DLC. Three will form 'an all-new single-player campaign' which will be made 'available as a continual episodic story that will let players experience an alternate history of the American Revolution'."

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Neonridr2178d ago

Great news, at least we know that the Wii U will support DLC, so for games like Black Ops 2 it shouldn't be a question now.

KMCROC2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

As long that they must pay to have it then fine,but it better not be one of them let's give it to them BS deals. cause i will be pissed that i had to pay for it while others get it included .

lilbroRx2178d ago

Wouldn't that problem be solved by buying a Wii U?

Deku-Johnny2178d ago

You mean like how all Darksiders 2 and Amazing Spider-Man dlc comes free on disc for the Wii U?

Cam9772178d ago

If I was getting this on Wii U I would be pleased however; that is not the case as I have not got and do not intend to buy the Wii U.

beerkeg2178d ago

So why comment? Why are you here?

Deku-Johnny2178d ago

I'll sure sleep easier tonight thanks...

AO1JMM2178d ago

And that is why I will wait for the WiiU version over the PS3/360 versions.

DivineAssault 2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Good.. At least adopters get some games with all of it.. Hopefull watchdogs & splinter cell get announcements for wii u as well.. Current gen multiplats have a lot more games that havent been announced for it yet but im sure it will get some.. My concern is all the nx gen projects that were announced didnt say ANYTHING about wii u.. PS4 & 720 has been the focus of their discussions

Neonridr2177d ago

Well there have been leaked photos of Splinter Cell game boxes at a video game store I think in Ireland. Obviously it's not concrete, but they usually have lists to tell them when games are arriving, so if Splinter Cell is dropping the same time as the PS3 and 360, then you can be sure that the retailers will know about it. I would love to see watchdogs on the Wii U, and am praying they can get it ready for a simultaneous launch.

I still think there are several big games that haven't been announced that are coming to the Wii U.