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For those who have never experienced the Painkiller series before, Hell & Damnation is an awesome way to start. It’s an experience geared towards those seeking old school boomstick carnage, and if that’s your bag you won’t be disappointed. It is however an acquired taste, those who yearn for something more straight faced and serious may find themselves with buyers remorse.

thumbACTIVE rating: COOL BEANS

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Snookies122179d ago

Lol, I love in the game's Steam description down below, it has this written under the "features" section...

Key Anti-Features (you know… the ones that make life EASY):

NO Kill-streak bonuses or airstrikes

NO auto-heal

NO AK-47, NO M16 or that sort of sh*t

r4ndomalex2179d ago

Yeah, that totally sums up what the game is lol. It's so anti modern shooter it's unbelievable, but they manage to back it up with a great FPS that plays amazingly.