The War Z Receives Content Update for Beta Launch

With a current player base of more than 200,000 gamers, the time is now for remaining survivors that have yet to get their first taste of The War Z. The videogame is available for unrestricted access from today and to celebrate developer Hammerpoint Interactive is introducing brand new content.

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GhostHero3332181d ago

man i want to try out this game just wish there was some sort of 2 day trial.

A-Glorious-Dawn2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Yeah me too, I really dislike the way they are handling this game, I mean in game currency? They could ruin everything that made Dayz great.

yess2181d ago

The currency dosn't really ad anything xtra to the game, as all you can buy is avilable to loot in the game, and all the things you buy is lost when you die..


Yeah if you play dayz it is similar only difference is its easier to pick up stuff and handle your inventory but so far this isnt anything revolutionary

A-Glorious-Dawn2181d ago

I'm glad to hear the currency isn't essential.

And I like to hear it's similar to Dayz and of course they had to improve item management which was confusing on Dayz to say the least.

calibann2181d ago

I have some spare alpha codes that are valid only for today ( I think) If you're that desperate to try it?

JsonHenry2181d ago

I know two guys in the beta. They both said this game sucked really bad. But I am going to hold judgement till I try it for myself. Everything I have watched so far make it seem like a good game.

shadowraiden2181d ago

the problem i have with this is its too easy in its current form. while i can see the appeal to safe area's i dont want that in this type of game i want to play a survival game where i am doing that surviving which means its not safe anywhere.

Trunkz Jr2181d ago

Battlefield vs Call of Duty
DayZ vs WarZ
Pepsi vs Coke

If you don't like one then go try the other, people should be thankful there are alternatives for you to choose from.

Series_IIa2181d ago

Coming up to beta stage yet still full of hackers and still no anti-cheat mechanics in place... Avoid.

RaptorGTA2181d ago

If you really want to play another version of DayZ...then maybe consider this game. But its lazy..the number of hits a takes to kill a zombie is just silly (and completely random..3 to 20 hits). The game is just frustrating and make you want to play DayZ.

calibann2180d ago

If you know how to do it, every zombie dies in 3-4 hits. Here's a clue: Aim for the head.

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