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It's not quite the smooth, finely tuned speed machine it could have been, but Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still an exciting racer.

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RedDeadLB2182d ago

What the hell is it with reviewers slamming good games lately? Most Wanted fixes the stiffness of Hot Pursuit's car handling, and although cops can sometimes be tedious - they always were, ever since the first Most Wanted.

The only problem I have with it is that it seems the PC version wasn't optimized quite well. Other than that it's the most fun I had in racing games since Burnout Paradise.

-GametimeUK-2182d ago

Thing is with Gamespot is that they seem to randomly bash good games every once in a while. Infamous2 got torn to pieces in their review. I'm going with the majority on this one from what I have heard. I think it will be a decent game, amazing for fans and rated average by few. 7.5 is not a bad score, but judging by other sites this game should be higher. At least an 8.

creeping judas2182d ago

I'm sorry but the car handling is stiff and not very responsive, still. And putting the car into a drift, and your car automatically spins 45degrees into the drift? It's good game, but in my opinion the reviews have been too generous on this game, just like everyother NFS game that has come out.

Captain Qwark 92181d ago

not true, need for speed underground and its sequel were perfection as far as arcade racers are concerned. dropping that series was beyond stupid and every need for speed since has absolutely paled in comparison

ChocolateGiddyUp2182d ago

Why is 7.5 considered bad for a video game?

Nobody would look at a movie that got 3 out of 4 stars and say, "Wow, what a piece of crap!"

-GametimeUK-2181d ago

7.5 is considered bad because of the amount of 8 and 9 scores in games these days. I don't personally think that way, but it is not hard to see why others would.

morkendo232181d ago

although cops can sometimes be tedious - they always were, ever since the first Most Wanted.

I take it you never played ps1 HOTPURSUIT and HIGHSTAKES, ps2 HOTPURSUIT 2,.. thinking ps2 MOSTWANTED was the first game with cops haaaaaaaa

RedDeadLB2181d ago

As a matter of fact I have played Hot Pursuit and High Stakes (one of those two had a cheat code for a helicopter, High Stakes I think) on PS1 as well as Hot Pursuit 2 on PS2, I was just too young back then to remember with certainty now.

On the other hand I distinctly remember that if you get a heat level 3 pursuit going on in Most Wanted, you're gonna be in it for a long time.

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jd6662182d ago

CVG complained that it's too 'cluttered'!! Imagine that , a city being cluttered!!

Blaze9292182d ago

have you played the game? If so, you would know there is some truth to that statement.

jd6662182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It's a city not a race track!! There should be more cars and have people on the pavements too imo!

Blaze9292181d ago

sooo you're saying Grand Theft Auto would make a fantastic racing game?

DivineAssault 2182d ago

gamespot is really harsh on their reviews.. This game is nothing less than an 8 & i have the vita version so the console version must be a 9

Blankman852182d ago

Don't worry guys, there's always Forza Horizon. Hehehe. ;)

JellyJelly2182d ago

For myself being a Criterion fan I'm going with NFS Most Wanted before Forza Horizon. But for the people that think Most Wanted is too much Burnout and not true to its roots I think Forza Horizon could make them happy. It has more cars, more sim-like settings and offers a lot more customization.

aviator1892181d ago

I'm going to get both, but right now, Horizon is amazingly addicting. I've never been addicted to a racing game before so I was pretty surprised by this game.

iistuii2181d ago

I agree with you, I'm so addicted too, just like the old PGR2 days for me. Funny why you have got disagrees for saying your enjoying a game, typical N4G..

jd6662181d ago

@blaze929, errr yes I am, its called Midnight Club LA!! HAHAHAHA