Firefight not included in Halo 4 due to focus on narrative

343 Industries’ decision to shelf the popular Firefight mode from Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach for their upcoming Halo 4 was met with a lot of backlash and confusion from fans.

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Snookies122179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Ahhh man, that was one of the cooler game modes... That's too bad.

HeavenlySnipes2179d ago

Don't really follow Halo 4 news, but didn't they add a new Spartan mode and now Flood is an entirely separate mode or something?

I think that makes up for it I guess.

Irishguy952178d ago

I thought Spartan ops was taking it's place...

wwm0nkey2179d ago

Honestly Spartan Ops seems like the better, more focused version of FireFight. Also it has been hinted at that there will be some Firefight like missions in Spartan Ops :)

AO1JMM2179d ago

Old news is old. That is why we now have Spartan Ops which I like much more than firefight.

STICKzophrenic2179d ago

ODST's Firefight was better than Reach's Firefight anyway.

Sovereign592178d ago

Yeah, from what I understood Spartan Ops is meant to be something of a story-driven firefight that you can enjoy with friends in shorter sessions than you could by playing a campaign mission.
I remember I was so excited for firefight in ODST, this was back when Gears 2 made me fall in love with the whole horde mode thing. Then ODST got here and I was just underwhelmed with firefight. Reach had it as well and I barely touched the mode there. I can honestly say I won't miss it in 4, and I am looking forward to giving Spartan Ops a try.