Medal of Honor brand may be dead, says Pachter

The disappointing performance could be a "fatal" blow to the whole franchise and EA's plans to dominate the shooter market.

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Sinner101GR2179d ago

Well, it's not a good thing when the website from MoH is quoting twitter users and not critical reviews of the game.

Still having quite a bit of fun with this title overall.

papashango2178d ago

At this point they need to consider getting gaben on the horn and consider putting bf3 and moh on steam Along with future titles. Their next step should be to seriously consider what they want to do with season passes. Arma 2 sold another 1+ million at 29.99 2 years after it released because of a single mod.

right now is not the time to be feuding with the pc community. They can hype the hell out of a game if they love you and their influence spreads to consoles (see battlefield, the witcher and elder scrolls).

The next step is to do what Activision wouldn't do and that's heavily promote mod tools. Just cause 2 saw a surge of sales and free advertising just off the multiplayer mod.

If EA released mod tools for bf3, moh, bf4 and moved to releasing on steam as well as origin. They effectively put themselves in the good graces of a market with serious buying power. All it takes is one creative mod and their game is back in the spotlight.

It's always been my opinion that mod tools will make more money in the longterm than season passes and it comes with a faithful following of fans with nothing but good things to say. It also keeps a game community from splitting by not having to worry about having bought so and so dlc.

sovietsoldier2178d ago

no arma 2 sold copies because its still a awesome game without mods and the developers actually give a shit about everything game related, its not all about money. ea and activision could care less about the games they put out they just want it to produce butt loads of money. as a fps gamer moh had potential but was sadly squandered on copy cat cod/bf3 gameplay,lame ass spawns, derp damage system,and a theme i still can not grasp.

paydayp2179d ago

i thought it did pretty descent in the first week sales wise.
so u can bet on a new one in 2 years.

GraveLord2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

EA already said themselves they plan on making Battlefield an annual billion dollar franchise. So they can't do that with Medal of Honor in the way.....they probably intentionally killed it.

Ducky2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Initially, I had assumed that EA would hand MoH back to West/Zampella... but now, it doesn't seem like that's going to happen (probably because W/Z want their own new IP)

I'm still wondering what those two are up to.

I doubt BF will become a yearly release though. DICE wouldn't do that.

Hufandpuf2179d ago

Battlefield is a yearly franchise. They just don't release main series games every year. It's either a F2P game, or Downloadable game every other year.

grayfoxx8812179d ago

Yeah, I'm really interested in what Respawn is cooking up. I don't think any news has been released yet, but I'm excited to see what they'll come up with. I'm still surprised those guys went back to EA, they must have signed one hell of a contract.

josephayal2179d ago

Guerilla and 343 can make the perfect MOH

2179d ago
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