G4: ZombiU Hands-on Preview -- Loot Your Zombie Self

G4 writes:
As we learned in our latest hands-on look at ZombiU, there is much more planning and strategy involved in killing your past zombified self than you might think.

Neonridr4048d ago

I can't wait. 18 more days, hurry up already!

This game has so much hype surrounding it, I just hope the single player game lasts long enough or has some bonus incentives to play through a 2nd time.

As for the Multiplayer, have they ever stated how many people can play? Is it strictly just 2 people playing? Would be nice if you could have the Gamepad player spawning enemies and then up to 4 players to fight the zombies. Would seem like a perfect 5 player multiplayer experience.

Dr_Salvitor4048d ago

I think they said something About an after game thing. I know for a fact there will be a mode were if you die once you have to restart the hole game.

As for Multiplayer i think they said something about it being only 1v1 or 2v1

DEZn00ts4048d ago

You DO mean console play right? Cause i know your not that stupid.

Neonridr4048d ago

who are you talking to? Of course we're talking about the console, I'm confused.

Dr_Salvitor4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Comment Fail


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Snookies123647d ago

Well, the Wii U has been out for a little while. It has had time to get some good games. Console launches will always be sparse on games in the first few months.

ShinMaster3647d ago

I wouldn't expect a different opinion from 'nintendolife.com'

NewMonday3647d ago

it's like they live in a bubble, totally oblivious of the rest of the world, to bad Nintendo still needs to operate in the real world where not every gamer is a fan.

jsslifelike3647d ago

Here's what I like about it. Lemme show you the N4G timeline:

-Pre-Wii U release: "Bah, underpowered hardware"
-Post-Wii U release: "Who would buy that crap?"
-Post-XBO reveal: "PS4 + Wii U 4 Life, bitchezzz!"
-Post-XBO release: "Phew, XBO really ISN'T that bad. Thank God Wii U is back to being a piece of crap."

I really wish that N4G was a place for people who love games, not for those who love to champion multi-million dollar corporations that don't give one fraction of a fuck about them besides their disposable income.

NewMonday3646d ago


I'm still getting a WiiU way ahead of the XB1 when Zelda, Bayonetta and X are all in the shops. but I'm the kind of gamer that buys almost all consoles, probably I represent as little as 15% of the gamer market, and that is not enough for Nintendo.


the total percentage of any combination multi-console gamer is about 15%, only 4% want the WiiU only, 8% will consider it as a second console, a staggering 88% are not interested.

UltimateMaster3646d ago

This will be the reason why I will only buy first-party Nintendo games and not third party Wii U version, unless they used the game pad in a real interesting way.

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Studio-YaMi3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Glad I got one already,it was a good investment on my behalf,even with the lack of great IPs right now,there are games that can still occupy my time till better IPs are on the table.

Super Mario 3D Land is of course on the top spot for now.

Of course I also got my PS4,finished Killzone:Shadow Fall on Hard difficulty,now going through Knack on Hard Difficulty too. :D

NewMonday3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

people don't buy a console to play handful of games, this is why ..

the Order
the Division
Deep Down
Shadow of the Beast
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
The Crew
Mad Max
Dying Light

almost all slated for 2014, non of them coming to the WiiU

when talking about the WiiU major 3rd party games must be discussed, because almost every non-Nintendo AAA game will miss the WiiU even though they will come to last gen platforms the 360/PS3.

as for his anecdotal story with Knack, different people have different experiences..

some fans are taking it personal because he outsold Mario.

triforce793647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Half of them 3rd party games are niche,and you don't know if none are coming to wiiu,some of them will i think and wiiu still gets the mainstream 3rd party games like Watchdogs,AC4,Splintercell,Bat man,COD,ect ect so who cares half them games are niche and is the reason most will stay Sony/Microsoft only because no one cares,look Team Ninja have said their future games will be on wiiu,gearbox will develop on wiiu,Crytek i think are working with Nintendo,Reggie says lots of 3rd partys are co developing with them on their franchises ?? who cares all i know is the wiiu looks like it will have hit games keep your 3rd party run of the mill niche games....

Retro/Nintendo didn't employ this talent for fun hit the link...


Naughty dog staffer said this could be his crowning achievement as an artist....Hmmm

NewMonday3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


"Half of them 3rd party games are niche"

the Division
Deep Down
The Crew
Mad Max
Dying Light


do you know what niche means?

Tito083646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

@ Triforce- Question for you, where are the announcements of "niche" 3rd party games like Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy XV, Evil Within, Kingdom Hearts III, Titanfall, Battlefield 4(what happened with BF3 for Wii U?), GTAV. Since I'm a fighting game fan, where's Ultra Street Fighter IV? I've still yet to see a proper SF game on a non-handheld Nintendo machine, just the SNES, Gamecube only had CVS:EO and Wii had TVC, Wii U has the SNES SF2 version when it's more than capable of running the arcade versions, a big shame if you ask me, sorry, but your justifications are pointless, I bet even Nintendo knows they have problems to fix themselves, this is why they designed the original Wii, they knew their hardcore audience isn't enough for them to succeed, because you buy into the same stuff since 1985, and it is a known fact Nintendo could also make money from 3rd parties, that blind faboyism is gonna cost Nintendo dearly.

lobocob3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Once you buy SMW3D, WWHD, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, and maaaybe Nintendoland, there's nothing else. As a new wii-u owner, I'm using both my ps4 and xbox one more, but I'm also loving the wii-u, I also know there will probably only be 3-4 must play wii-u games next year while there will be a ton for the other consoles. The people who would pick a wii-u over the other consoles have probably already picked the wii-u anyways.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3645d ago
Concertoine3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

even with the drought, a solid 10 if not more games to play on wii u. plenty to play next year too. it'll tide me over until I pick up a ps4 around the end of 2014.

Kyosuke_Sanada3647d ago

Nothing wrong with that I guess because the world dont move by the beat of just one drum......

Gabenbrah3647d ago

Wii U currently has a fantastic library of games, much better than both next-gen consoles currently.

ShinMaster3647d ago

After 1 year, yes. PS4 and X1 just launched.

Studio-YaMi3647d ago

But he's right though,the WiiU does have a better library for now.

Gabenbrah3647d ago

Hence the word, "currently". Wii U has better exclusives currently and as of 2014 as well, much better exclusives than PS4 and XB1.