'Sleeping Dogs' studio United Front: 'Lots of exciting DLC on the way'

United Front Games has said that there is "lots of exciting DLC" being worked on currently, and while details can't be revealed, the studio has been keeping track of fan feedback for the content.

"We recently had a poll on the Sleeping Dogs website to help decide one of our future DLC packs. The community voted and we listened - that's the most satisfying way to make games," producer Dan Sochan told Digital Spy.

When it came to planning post-release content, Sochan said that the studio's philosophy was to offer experiences different to those seen in the main campaign.

"Whether it's outfits from ancient Chinese lore, racing in boats or beating up on hopping Chinese vampires - it needed to feel fresh to the player, as well as be exciting for us to work on," he said.

"We didn't start on DLC until the main version of the game had shipped so that we could get all of the polish in we could - which is critical when launching a new IP.

"So once Sleeping Dogs was out the door, we were able to brainstorm and think outside the main story to create some unique DLC ideas; gameplay situations that the player couldn't experience in the main campaign."

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GTRrocker6662179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Thank god this game doesnt have multiplayer. I am so sick of multiplayer dlc.

digitalkid2179d ago

I am sick of zombie DLCs as much as from MP. They have a solid criminal story, where all those zombie/vampires ideas came from?!

Fishy Fingers2179d ago

Campaign DLC please, missions, extended story, whatever. No more costumes or a few new weapons.

Gamesgbkiller2179d ago

i hope they just keep going with DLC's at price of 10 $ or less
Really want to play more sleeping dogs .

newn4gguy2179d ago

I'm so glad United Front is doing well. They deserve it. Mod Nation Racers was a fantastic title. :)

MrGunny942179d ago

I would gladly take an Extended story.... It left many questions to be awnsered!