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Need for Speed Most Wanted is done by Criterion this time around, the guys who brought us Burnout. This is the second NFS game that Criterion has done, the first being NFS Hot Pursuit back in 2010. This game feels a lot like burnout, not that it’s a bad thing and it plays a lot like it too. You have the ability to take down or be taken down during races. One major difference is there seems to be no way to completely total a car although you can pop all 4 tires and have every fender and bumper hanging off.

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jetpacksheep2181d ago

I like the summary and score box on the review, nice touch

Crazyglues2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Well while I like the review I was surprised that he left out a lot of important things you would need to know...

One how does it look? Yes you can watch it in 720p and see it's amazing, but most of the time you can't tell how it really looks until you get it home on your PS3 so would have been nice if he would have said graphic are stunning or really good or decent..

Also how does it feel? it's a racing game, how the cars feel is priceless, it's everything.. Does it feel like your really going fast? is there a true sense of speed? Do the cars all feel the same or is every one different? really important.

Good news is I've read some other reviews seems the game is really good.. I would just have loved if the reviewer here could have confirmed a lot of these things..

My copy is on the way.. I'm hoping it more like the old Burnout games that were awesome... (I'll do a full review for those on the fence)

I'm a true racing game fan, so I hope this turns out to be as good as it looks..


GamerSciz2181d ago

Look at the actual review and read through it. I describe how the game graphically is impressive from the cars and environment to the damage physics on the licensed cars. Plus I say how it plays/feels a lot like a burnout game considering its Criterion. That's not a bad thing though.

Crazyglues2181d ago

@ GamerSciz

Oh ok - I didn't know, I will admit I did just watch the video - thought that was the complete review.. but will indeed go back and read the whole thing then.. As I am really excited for this game.

Good to know thanks for the feedback player.


paydayp2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

can you get busted in this one?
he crashed maybe 10 times but was only put back on the road to continue.
in the other most wanted u couldn´t crash like here if u did crash chances were high u would be blocked by the police and then got busted

GamerSciz2181d ago

Yes you can get busted fairly easily. The most wanted race I did you start off with a wanted level of 3 and even though you finish the race your wanted level stays and you have to evade the cops.

paydayp2181d ago

so how does it work? only by spike strips or something like that or do u get surround by cops.
i just played some hot pursuit (the newer one by critrion) and i didnt seem to get busted by crashing when getting chased.
i didnt play much but i notice they have emp's and stuff.
when i play as a cop the ones i had to bust had a life bar, do u as a player have that then?
in the first most wanted they would just close u in and there would be a timer for u to get busted.

thanks for ur answer

GamerSciz2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


Spike strips are not a guaranteed bust, and nor is crashing while being chased by the cops. If you look closely @4:35 you will see the "bust meter" on the bottom. If it gets maxed out and stays that one for about 2 seconds you get busted. That happens when cops are surrounding you but I drove off fast enough to get out of it. Once I did get Wanted level 6 (max) and tried everything to escape but couldn't. There are no helicopters, or FBI/SWAT vehicles. The hardest thing you will deal with is the police SUVs ramming you head on and then trying to surround you.