7.0 - Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Review

One of the best games on the PlayStation Vita, though with a couple of problems.

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Myst2269d ago

Not a bad game at all for the Vita :)

jony_dols2269d ago

Whilst it is slightly flawed, I'm loving playing through it on my Vita at the moment. I think reviewers are scrutinising it too much against AC3; which is totally unfair due to hardware & budget differences.

AC 3 Liberation is definitely a solid 9/10 in my book, and is a must buy for all Vita owners.

CalvinKlein2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I agree with that, im on sequence 4 or 5 now. They mention all flaws and dont mention what it does right and it then complain its not as good as AC 3.

Well its on a handheld so its pretty damn impressive to me. It has the same exact AC combat, climbing, free running, buying stuff, collectible stuff, cool weapons with a place to display them that the previous AC games had.

There is very few good portable open world games and when they come out reviewers bash them and only focus on the negatives and how its not the console version. GTA liberty city stories is great and was for ts time, vice city stories has a crappy framerate and wasnt as good for its time as LCS. So besides that one good PSP openworld GTA game, gravity rush and And AC: liberation are two of the only good openworld portable games and they get nitpicked to death.

This game is a real AC game so if you like them you will like this. If you dont like or barley like AC games then you probably wont like this.

This game is actually better quality than I thought was possible on the VITA in terms of how much this is like the console ones.

Thins game makes me think how great a GTA or RDR game on the VITA could be.

below- its not just good for a mobile game, its a good game period. This game would be praised to high heaven if it was on the wii or 3ds. Those platforms dont need multiplayer or to be compared to HD consoles. And you know reviewers would give it points because these tyes of games are not on those devices already.

The vita doesnt have any previous AC games, or GTA, or red faction gurellia, or infamous, or prototype, or crackdown, or two worlds, or saints row so reviewers shouldnt act like there are tons of these games on the VITA or other portable devices.

If they want console AC game on the go then they can use onlive, by a gaming laptop and an xbox controller, or wait for the possibility of remote play 3rd party ps3 games on the VITA. If you want one of the best open world adventure games ever made for a portable device get AC: liberation.

shammgod2269d ago

A great game for the vita!

-GametimeUK-2269d ago

It says "one of the best games for PS Vita" yet the final score is 7.

I honestly don't know what to make of that.

SandwichHammock2269d ago

Having read 4 of your comments in 4 articles that I've visisted over the past 12 hours, I surely know what to think.

beerkeg2269d ago

Well it's great apparently....for a mobile game. If Vita owners are happy to have a game that is great, for a mobile game, then they will be happy.

We shouldn't compare it to the home console versions, because the Vita isn't as powerful as a home console. Take it for what it is.

rpd1232269d ago

Exactly. There are too many comparisons to it's home console counterpart. I can understand comparing story but gampelay and graphics will be different solely because it is a handheld game.