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Can you handle the speed?

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knifefight2179d ago

I've been in "Hot Pursuit" of my "Most Wanted" game for some time, so tomorrow I'll take a fast car for a "Test Drive" and then "Speed" down to the game shop (being careful not to "WipEout"), where this game will be "Gone in 60 Seconds" from the shelves, and I'll play until I "Burnout!"
...Gran Turismo something something!

...Hmm, that sounded better in my head.

bintarok2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Great score!

Edit: @ftwrthtx
Not trying to diss other platforms, any reason why it should include xbox 360 and pc in the tags?

ftwrthtx2179d ago

It's the same basic game across the consoles and PC. Just standard procedure around here I thought.

morkendo232179d ago

damn, are ALL you racer blind with criterion N4S??? this is not need for speed of old this is some crap clone of BURNOUT sooooo many young gamers cant see in front of there ass this not NEED FOR SPEED but need for burnout speed. dont buy this crapola

DrDeath2179d ago

im going to actually talk about the vita version. Actually your only half right. Yes it is very similar to burnout (which i didnt like) but i bought it today and its pretty good. graphics are really good for a handheld and FPS stay solid even at high speed. my biggest complaint is that the on coming traffic has blue head lights that look very pixelated on the vita version. Clearly the Ps3 wouldnt have these small minor issues so i dont see any reason people shouldnt like this. Its real cars with burnouts crash system. although crashes arent spectacular. Either way i doubt you played it and gave it a fair shot. i returned Assasins creed 3 liberation for this and am happy about it. although ill pick it up again soon

JellyJelly2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Burnout was always a better series than Need for Speed imo, so I think it's a good thing. I mean compare EA BlackBox to Criterion. They are not in the same league.

We get a game with the best graphics and most creative level design and online modes of any NFS game to date, and it also stays true to the NFS roots by having real cars and heavier handling than the Burnout games. Yet it doesn't include the awful framerates, floaty handling and corny cut scenes that EA Blackbox are known for.

If anyone is missing out it is you for caring more about some crappy series roots than if the game is fun to play or not.

FFXI1012179d ago

I didn't like it much. For one You didn't even have to race to win money to buy a better car and last Most Wanted has story, characters and cars, this one just cars. To me, this game is like half Need for speed and half Burn out. Which isn't good in this case.

2179d ago

if were still not at the "need for speed reboot" where you can customize your car, i dont want it.

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