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In 2011, Bethesda and Human Head Studios revealed Prey 2, a first-person sci-fi action-adventure dripping with potential. Then it suddenly vanished, however, its importance in the expanded world of first-person games beyond the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield or Medal of Honor should not be forgotten, as we explore in this feature/plea for the game's triumphant return.

2013 is shaping up to be a mysterious gaming year with rumours of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and with Nintendo's Wii U establishing itself. We also have BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, but the year needs more games like Prey 2, to offset the usual barrage of military multiplayer shooters...

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Jinkies2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Im glad it was put on hold to be honest, it looked like a brand new IP in my opinion. At the end of Prey it says "to be continued" then this comes along and were playing as a totaly differnt guy with a different story....what gives.

Nitrowolf22178d ago

yeah true that it did look different from the original. I would not have mind a re-naming though, space cowboys and blade runner vibe, I'm all in.

showtimefolks2178d ago

if this game doesn't see a release and is canned than its on us, we do want newer ideas and new games but sequels set records sales wise. Look at sleeping dogs selling 160k in first month how is that even possible when crappy games do better than that?

i am not blaming us the people commenting or the author i am asking a bigger question to gamers in general. The reason we will see only sequels and franchises never dying because sequels create cash and new IP's are huge risk

that's why there will be gears 4,mass effect 4,more god of war and uncharted games. Why should those very talented studios work on a new IP that may or may not sell few millions when their sequels can sell 4-5 million? If we don't change our habits than don't expect any new IP's or not that many and don't blame it on publishers because they are in this business to make money

mirror's edge sounds good on paper and people now want a sequel but when it doesn't sell as a new Ip how much confidence should a publisher have that sequel will sell. or maybe some games aren't for everyone

RickHiggity2178d ago

Because it's not a generic Military shooter. And the original Prey is one of my favorite games.

bubblebeam2178d ago

Hell yeah! Prey was amazing. It had its flaws, but the story was one of the best this generation. The relationship between Tommy and Jen (see, I even remember their names!!) worked so well, and the whole native american vibe/culture was fantastic.
The weapons looked very cool and unique as well.

Prey 2 looked amazing, but not the same as the first. I'd prefer if it were called Prey:------ and leave a Prey 2 in the works, with Tommy again.
I was super psyched when it was announced, around the same time The Darkness 2 was announced.

It was absent for quite a while, and I think it is having trouble. I know Bethesda have it on hold, because of their "quality control" (lol @ skyrim bugs), but I hope it is released next year. It looks innovative, or at least able to combine a crap load of other games and make it look awesome.

RickHiggity2177d ago

Lol. You're making me want to play through the first one again.

Dynasty2178d ago

I'm thinking that they didn't want to compromise features so they moved it to next-gen. :P