Grand Theft Auto V's Release Date Further Proves That Analysts Are Not Needed In Gaming Industry

DSOGaming writes: "And the list goes on and on. Apart from GTA V's release, those 'so accurate' analysts have also predicted some figures for the game's sales. Hilarious. Now some of you may say that their latest predictions are spot on. Well how about this; what if we made up a big story (say Uncharted 3 coming to PC in 2014) and claimed we had real evidence to back it up. What if we were - at first - the only ones suggesting such a thing? And let's say that in January 2014 we claimed that Sony decided to put the project on hold indefinitely (suggesting that there wasn't any ETA for it). Should we then say to ourselves that two wrongs make a right? We think not."

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first1NFANTRY2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

The only things needed in the gaming industry tbh with you are:

1. Hardware Manufacturers
2. Publishers
3. Developers
4. Advertisement
5. Gamers

All the extras are not needed.

blue_cheese2179d ago

and maybe a dedicated gaming channel one day that shows behind the scenes of developers studios, the process and work. lets plays, interviews, trailers, round tables and retro gaming documentaries, lets plays and other gaming related productions.

first1NFANTRY2179d ago

that's true, also something like a central hub gamers have access to exclusive dev content.

bozebo2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Don't totally need publishers and advertisement either.

ninjahunter2179d ago

I think publishers are becoming less and less relevant, at least on PC. Like with the rise of green light from valve, game devs that dont have, or make a lot of money arent throwing 75% of profits to publishers who just sit there and stamp paperwork all day.

DeadlyFire2179d ago

I would love to be an analyst. Just state the obvious and get paid. Sounds like a pie job and I could still do real work outside of that.

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MrBeatdown2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

"We believe Rockstar Games is modeling a 4 to 6 month marketing window for their upcoming GTA V release, suggesting a Summer ’12 launch period."

Kinda funny. Pachter may have had the date wrong, but the marketing window was accurate. The real marketing will start with the release of the GTAV Game Informer issue, and wrap up in the spring, which is about six months.

This guy's harping on analysts being wrong here, but did anyone expect GTAV in spring 2013 until recently? I doubt very many people expected it would take Rockstar five years to release another GTA. Never before had Rockstar announced a GTA with well over a year to go until release, so I can see exactly why earlier dates were predicted.

I'm not saying one way or another how accurate these analysts are, but if you're going to write a whole piece about their track record, at least look at more than their predictions for one unusually late game.

GraveLord2179d ago

Wow. Someone is butthurt that GTA V wont' sell as much as GTA IV or a Call of Duty game.

FACT: GTA V is coming in summer, which instanly lowers it sales since it won't be boosted by holidays.

FACT: Next-gen Consoles from Sony and MS are coming holiday 2013, early 2014. This will significantly lower its legs.

FACT: No one could have guessed GTA V's release date. In fact, I believe something went wrong and it got delayed.

beerkeg2178d ago

Gta 4 sold over 22 million copies and that was released in April of that year.

'FACT: Next-gen Consoles from Sony and MS are coming holiday 2013, early 2014. This will significantly lower its legs.'

That's not a fact at all. Actually none of what you said are facts, because as usual you're talking out of your ass.

gtr_loh2178d ago

None of your facts are facts. Such a fail post :|