AnalogHype: Need for Speed: Most Wanted - First 16 Minutes and Impressions

From "It's October 30, 2012 and you know what that means? Tons of new games! Here we have Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. As a fan of the Burnout series, I knew I had to have this when I heard that it was essentially Burnout Paradise 2 with licensed cars. The good thing is it lives up to those expectations...for the most part"

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morkendo232183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

we dont want a clone of BURNOUT criterion. hell, we want NEED FOR SPEED!!! crap. what dose it take for a developer to make a DECENT old school style need for speed??
if push come to shove re-hire BLACKBOX STUDIO to re-make HOTPURSUIT 2 with up-date graphic's

after reviewing the vid i would not buy this shee-it whoever played the game spent most of his time crashing!!! what away to promote this game with unnessasary crashing.

DrDeath2183d ago

damn, are ALL you racer blind with criterion N4S??? this is not need for speed of old this is some crap clone of BURNOUT sooooo many young gamers cant see in front of there ass this not NEED FOR SPEED but need for burnout speed. dont buy this crapola" This was your post in the last article about this game for PC. someones butt hurt

Everyone hail the god of know what everyone likes! ;)