Are There Acceptable Bugs And Glitches In Assassin's Creed III?

It seems obvious that the hotly anticipated ACIII is quite the game. There are some obvious bugs but given the game's scope, are they acceptable?

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USMC_POLICE2176d ago

On ps3 the first few missions on the ship I noticed the captains mouth dont move as he talks in the cut senes.

Pintheshadows2176d ago

I got that as well. It's the shear number of little bugs that boggles my mind.

I levitated 3 feet off the ground when I stroked a dog earlier. I've seen levitating weapons, NPC's vanishing and appearing during cutscenes, counter animations freezing until the character you're fighting has got back up, being stuck on the enviroment repeatedly, soldiers not responding when i'm standing right in front of them and have just shot their mate. This all happened in the first 3 hours.

ironfist922176d ago

Playing through it, everythings fine. Nothing you wouldnt expect from an AC title