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It took me about 50 Ragnarok Odyssey quests before I finally gave up on the game. I played mission after mission after mission trying to extract fun out of the experience, but there was precious little to be found. Mercilessly repetitive and surprisingly shallow for such a presumably vast RPG, Ragnarok Odyssey represents one of the most unfortunate things that could happen in gaming: when something so promising simply doesn’t deliver.

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smashcrashbash3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Another weird random score from IGN while everyone else is handing out high scores. IGN no longer has credibility from me. Then again it hasn't for a long time.

guitarded773243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I somewhat seriously question if IGN does not like the Vita and/or want it to fail. First a 5.8 on New Little King's Story (the IGN community gave it a 7.9), which is a great, highly addictive game, and now a 5 to Ragnarok... another fun, highly addictive Eastern game. I know some will bring up the "It's just an opinion" argument, but a site as "prestigious" (and I use that term loosely) as IGN should know a good game from a mediocre game, IGN should understand that a 5/10 is reserved for games which don't represent their particular genre well... but New Little King's Story and Ragnarok Odyssey do represent their respective genres well. I'm not butt hurt over ING's scoring, I just don't think that IGN understands what a good/bad/mediocre game is... and that's my opinion.

Sanquine903243d ago

This guy colin did admit he did not liked the game. He think it is blend. He thinks ac 3 also is blend:)

oONinjavitiSOo3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

"It took me about 50 Ragnarok Odyssey quests before I finally gave up on the game." Now thats the sign of a terrible reviewer. Didn't even finish the game? What a biased review! Totally disagree with ign on their AC:liberation review and now on the Ragnarok review. Ign has no relevance to me anymore. Try finishing a game before reviewing it you stupid a$$ clowns!

tubers3243d ago

I think he is just having a real hard time rating the VITA games due to how close the experience it to a home console and slowly forget that it's JUST a portable game..

from a home console reference it's not really up to there yet.. (w/c VITA PR always touts)

from a portable device standpoint it probably quite above average..


Blastoise3243d ago

Harsh score. Strange how Jim from Destructoid gave it a 9 but Colin here has given it a 5. Looks like this is just one of those games you gotta try out for yourself

GodHandDee3243d ago

The reviewer hasn't even finished the game himself.

vikingland13243d ago

I was thinking the same thing about the difference in review scores. Destructoid and IGN completely disagree with each other. Anyways I just picked the game up and I'm gonna figure it out for myself if it's good or bad.

izumo_lee3243d ago

I figure that RO is one of those Japanese games that you either get it or you don't.

So far a lot of other gaming sites has gotten the premise of this game & what you need to do to fully enjoy it. It is surprising that Colin is having trouble understanding what the game is about. I find it funny that Big Jim over at Destructoid found the game to be highly customizable but Colin here find it lacking.

I guess that Colin has never played any of these monster hunting games like MH, Phantasy Star Portable, Gods Eater for example than he would clearly know how the game plays. All these games get repetitive but it is the satisfaction of taking down a huge monster either on your own or with some friends that make these games worthwhile.

I LOVED Gods Eater & Phantasy Star Portable so i am eagerly awaiting my opportunity to play this too & add it to my collection.

Myst3243d ago

Exactly what I was kind of thinking I love it so far because of the way it set up. Ragnarok Online classes and monsters with a few that are made up as well. God Eater and Monster Hunter set up it is all in all a good combination of both, but in a way I guess I could perhaps see why someone wouldn't like it.

miyamoto3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Destructoid 9/10
Trendy Gamers 8.5/10
Hardcore Gamer 4.5/5
1Up B-/A+
Vita Lounge 5/5
Oprainfall 4.5/5

IGN those words are tired old lines I have read from you since 2008.

If you think you'll get hits using your broken records I suggest it's time to play a new one.

It won't work anymore.

sdozzo3243d ago

We get the low score but you can't fault him for it. Hence the point of reviewing. Just roll with it.

Hicken3243d ago

Yes, we can. And it's not like it's from some blogger; this guy gets PAID. He should do a job that readers think is worthwhile.

That's obviously not the case here.

Sithlord-Gamble3243d ago

Leave it to IGN to sh*t all over another Vita game.
I guess i shouldnt be surprised anymore.

Kratoscar20083243d ago

And the next CoD will get 9.5, thats IGN for you.

3-4-53243d ago

Well this next one ( Black Ops 2 ) might actually get close to a 9.5..

I'm predicting a 9.2/10 but yea they have upped the content and quality this year.

I've yet to play RO, but it looks fun. The fact that there are 6 classes is awesome though. There has to be at least one that is fun for somebody to play as.

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