Nintendo Rep Seemingly Recommits to GameCube Games on Wii U Virtual Console

GenGAME writes: "We’ve heard some back-and-forth comments about whether Wii U would support backward compatibility with GameCube via the Virtual Console download and emulation service. First, Nintendo reps said it’d be among the software supported when Wii U was first announced back in 2011; then, Reggie Fils-Aime denied that Nintendo had confirmed anything regarding GameCube plans; then, Retro Gamer magazine said they definitely are coming. Now, we have a representative from Nintendo of Canada, Matt Ryan, affirming the original statement made in 2011."

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a_bro2269d ago

MGS: Twin Snakes on virtual Console PLS. sure it wasnt the best of remakes, especially compared to the original, which still holds a place in my heart, but i enjoyed it

oh and yes, eternal Darkness pls.

ronin4life2269d ago

? I've always was a far superior port...

deafdani2269d ago

It seems it has really divided opinions, but regardless, it's got pretty great reviews.

Qrphe2269d ago

It's not a port it's a remake (that feels like a reboot). Kojima won't talk about it however, unless confronted directly since he wasn't satisfied with it.

PopRocks3592267d ago

It's MGS1 remade with the MGS2 engine with rerecorded voice work. As far as I'm concerned, it's leaps and bounds over the original.

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millzy1022269d ago

twin snakes a must but word has konami might be making a mgs hd collection with twin snakes in it, hope its true, I already have hd collection on psvita and ps3 (because I'm really sad) but having twin snakes in hd will justify £30. my GameCube virsion broke but I still play original had it for 10 years and still works great.

the legend of zelda windwaker/ twilight princess (i know you can play Wii version but I'm used to GameCube version can't get my head around the mirror image on wii, resident evil 1 remake, enter the matrix (but that won't happen) Mario kart double dash (with online), luigi's mansion for VC

DA_SHREDDER2269d ago

If i don't get digital copy of Skies of Arcadia from any publisher Im gonna fucking snap!

Neonridr2269d ago

This is great news, so many great Gamecube games.

My only hope is they don't gouge us on the pricing, looking at how much they charge for N64 games ($10 approx), I am a little worried.

Moonman2269d ago

I'm guessing around $14. Wonder if they will up the resolution to HD on some like they added 3D to some classic NES games on 3DS eShop.... :P

Neonridr2269d ago

it would be nice, however that would require more work on their part. I would honestly just be happy to see the games there in their original forms first.

There is always potention for HD re-releases down the road of games / compilations.

MrGunny942269d ago

MGS: Twin Snakes and Pokemon games from Gamecube

Do it Nintendo please :)!

DivineAssault 2269d ago

I think ALL their gamecube 1st party games warrant HD re releases via N Network..

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