Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Is Riddled with Bugs on the PS3

Konami shipped the Zone of the Enders HD Collection with the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo advertised on the front, but it seems that the PS3 version is plagued by game-breaking bugs.

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Snookies122231d ago

Still hopefully this isn't a sign of bad things for the PS3 version. Isn't this being done by the Bayonetta studio? In that case I'm worried, because the PS3 version of that was bad.....

jc485732231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Vanquish says hello....

honestly, High Voltage probably had something to do with it. They can't even encode a demo into a disc correctly.


yep, they didn't do the ps3 version.

neoMAXMLC2231d ago

The "Bayonetta studio" didn't do the PS3 version.

Baka-akaB2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

wow that legend still got a pulse . They never did a ps3 version of Bayonetta , sega did on its own . And they released two more games on ps3 since running perfectly fine

ABizzel12231d ago

Sega developed Bayonetta for the PS3, not "the Bayonetta studio" (Platinum Games).

wishingW3L2231d ago

Vanquish wasn't 60 frames though.

pixelsword2230d ago

Hmmm... Gamespot has a reputation of deception...

Does anyone have video of the 360 version?

I believe the bugs to exist on the PS3 demo without a doubt, but for them not to do a comparison is suspicious.

Skate-AK2230d ago

The bad PS3 port was SEGA's fault.

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LackTrue4K2231d ago

lol...i seen the demo. is it just me, or did Platinum Games add alot of cut scenes just to make it feel like a MGS game?
Still looking forward to this game, looks like fun and i like how he Raiden finishes off the enemies.

Whitefox7892231d ago

Lead writer is Etsu Tamari from Kojima Productions, remember this is a joint project between two game studios. So yeah since it is from someone who has worked on games with long narratives (MGS4, MGS Peace Walker) then yes there will be some dialog.

andibandit2231d ago


aint worth demoing something full of bugs.

Mounce2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I think, people are being fools and mistaking themselves a bit in this N4G page, without trying to sound overly-insulting.....but, defending a game or being some patriot to it of the chance it'll improve can be silly in this situation by using the excuse that it's a Demo, let me explain this...

Demos are meant to DEMONSTRATE why you should by the game. Bugs and glitches shouldn't exist really at all or else the demonstration basically fails by showing improper development, that it lacks the fine-tunes that you'd expect. The demo is a small piece of the game that SHOULD leave you wanting more and not being annoyed, NOT CRASHING, not freezing, not needing to reset the game.

That is fine if it were a BETA....Alpha and Beta games are versions of the game UNTESTED....UNREFINED for that reason, but a Demo, in all of the history of demos, are meant to be a tweaked and improved sliver of the game. Not a Beta-Sliver of the game.

Beta/Demo, are different. If they're going hand out a Beta, they by all standards, at LEAST put the effort in making it a good demonstration of what's to come. Not make gamers fearfully think of the possibilities of what bugs/glitches will be encountered in the future of 'What if - it isn't fixed?' or What if there's more bugs, but different ones?...

So, again, do not defend it. It doesn't make you discriminatory or quick to judge. You SHOULD judge it harshly, it's a DEMO-NSTRATION. And what that is riddled with bugs....

jd666 below me has the same idea.

Whitefox7892231d ago

I'll have to see for myself how the demo plays after that, I'll let you know.

Outside_ofthe_Box2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Yeah, I agree a demo is suppose to make me want to buy the game. There have been plenty of demos that have made me not want buy a game. There have been demos that have made want the game, but the game ultimately ended up being completely horrid. And then there have been demos where it doesn't truly do the final product justice.

So it is what it is. If people feel that the final product might be more polished than the demo, let them.

Whitefox7892230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I've just played through the demo eight times I never saw any of this stuff happen that Gamespot has in that video especially the sections from 0:00 to 0:30 the game never froze up during mid combat. I also just tried as we are speaking that stair glitch they ran into which didn't happen. I can't disprove the stair glitch even though that isn't game breaking I ran into a similar glitch like that in Uncharted 2 its a visual glitch. Though I'm willing to bet that the footage from 0:00 to 0:30 was either a one time fluke or it was edited by themselves to make it look like the game was freezing up.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2221d ago

I played the demo the 360 and it was completely flawless. Theres was no bugs whatsoever and it ran silky smooth. I was highly impressed with the demo and cannot wait to buy the full version

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HarryMasonHerpderp2231d ago

I wonder what Kojima will think of this =/

Parappa2230d ago

I'm sure he won't think anything of it cause Rising is garbage and nobody will buy that mediocre hack & slash anyway. That's why he decided to make MGS: GZ instead.

Usually people only care if a version is bad when the game is actually good so there is nothing to care about here.

SegataShanshiro2230d ago ShowReplies(1)
SilentNegotiator2230d ago

Is there a 360 demo at the same stage of development being shown?

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jd6662231d ago

It's meant to show the game off to make people want to buy it, not put them off which this potentially has!

C L O U D2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

The PS3 demo at the EuroGamer expo crashed on me twice at the place where you fight the Gekko...what does that fate mean...I just wanted to complete the damn demo

hkgamer2231d ago

OK... I doubt I will pick up ZOE HD anymore.

Went from definite buy to maybe, now that I know the MGR demo is glitchy as hell, I won't even bother to buy it.

I've only played the japanese version of ZOE and haven't played 2 yet. Was looking forward to getting this collection, maybe I will just buy the PS2 versions from ebay.

Edito2231d ago

I just can't understand your resolve...

Temporary2231d ago

He's an idiot. Not buying a game cause the demo it releases with might have a bug.

"What a maroon"

BlackTar1872231d ago

yea what he just said was complete drivel.

ShadowJetX2230d ago

Played the demo in its entirety last night on my PS3 and I didn't run into any glitches or problems whatsoever. I even died a few times and I had no problem myself.