Surfer Girl gives BOOM BLOX praise as we continue to come around

From nintendowiifanboy.com:

"We were heavily criticized for our initial (and, okay, harsh) opinions about BOOM BLOX. Even though we softened up to the game after seeing the trailer, we can't say we were behind it all along. Some people were, though, like the notorious Surfer Girl."

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Top 10 Wii Games

With the Wii U coming out tomorrow the staff of VGutopia decided to take a look back at the top 10 Wii games that came out over the past six years.

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Cam9774256d ago

How about one of the two Resideny Evil: Archive games?

t0mmyb0y4256d ago

Hah I was trying to guess #1. After seeing SSB, Mario, Zelda, I had no clue lol


Looking back: Ten Wii games we won’t forget

On the eve of the Wii U, The National Post's Post Arcade team looks back at 10 Wii classics.

From fun times with everyone’s favourite plumber to stretchy, googly-eyed balls of goo [there's] no better way to bid your outgoing Wii a fond farewell than to scrounge around the bargain bins of used games stores and grab a few of these bona fide classics.

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Myst4287d ago

Monster Hunter Tri- and The Last Story (which I need to finish still) are some games that I certainly will not forget.

4287d ago

The best Wii games you didn’t play, handpicked by industry pros

GamesBeat reached out to some key games industry figures (from Nintendo, 2D Boy, Gaijin Games, and more) to ask which Wii titles they think deserved a wider audience. Here are their thoughts.

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Sadie21004457d ago

The World of Goo guy *really* liked Cave Story!

deantak4457d ago

That's a great list of pros.

frequentcontributor4457d ago

There's so many great games on Wii that get overlooked, and then gamers complain about no new games... How about A Boy and His Blob, Sin and Punishment 2, Madworld, Lost in Shadow, Lit, Dead Space Extraction, Fragile Dreams, No More Heroes 1 and 2, the Res Evil Chronicles games, Sakura Wars, Lost Winds, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Epic Mickey, de Blob, the Bit.Trip games... That's totally ignoring any first party titles, and I'm probably forgetting a bunch. With La Mulana and Retro City Rampage and Last Story coming out, the Wii has been a lot of fun!

Infernostew4457d ago

Zack & Wiki takes my pick. Really hope Capcom would do a sequel. Wishful thinking at best.

Jirachi4457d ago

I did play some of these games:Cave story,Boom blox(didn't really like it)Fire emblem,Wario Land shake(see boom blox),&Excite truck

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