‘Persona 4: Arena’ gets big discount

An online retailer is currently offering a substantial discount for the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game, “Persona 4: Arena.”

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amaguli2177d ago

Get it if you have not already done it. Persona 4 Arena is a really fun fighter, and it has a great story. I would highly recommend it to fighting and Persona fans.

Burning_Finger2177d ago

I'll wait for complete edition with all the DLC and costumes included. XD

RmanX10002177d ago

Thatd be funny if Atlus made the exact same game year after year. Idk about Arc's habits but from what i can tell, Atlus doesnt normally do that.

amaguli2177d ago

Well, Arc is pretty crazy about DLC. Different palette colors are $5.99 and DLC characters for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift were $7.99.

All I know is the DLC for Arena are just colors and glasses, but the prices are crazy.

Chrono2177d ago

I'll wait for another price drop.

pompombrum2176d ago

I'd happily pay full retail price for the game if Arc sys got off their asses and fixed the problems which are stopping Zen from releasing it in Europe. At this point, I'd even be prepared to pay double retail price to get the game before the end of the year.. stupid Arc Sys!