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amaguli4221d ago

Some interesting choices you got there, but I totally agree with Fire Emblem, Sonic Colors, and Tales of Symphonia.

thorstein4221d ago

I would add the following:

MySims Agents
Raving Rabbids Go Home
Kirby's Epic Yarn (I am pretty sure many people overlooked this one.)

I still play Fire Emblem, it is fantastic!

Nerdmaster4221d ago

I bought MadWorld, but I didn't think it was very fun, so I sold it.

"Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World" has the best monster capture mechanic in any RPG I ever played (except for Pokémon) and it's one of the only two Tales games that I finished (the other one is the first Tales of Symphonia).

Someday I will buy Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Colors. Someday...

I_LOVE_MYSELF4221d ago

I was disappointed with Madworld, but I only spent 3quid on it. I feel I have missed out on Metroid Other M so I will have to pick that up soon.


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jambola393d ago

I'm sure it was good in certain ways, and honestly not a bad game
Just felt like a huge disappointing step back from games like colleseum and xr, and honestly
Even stadium
No mini games etc

gold_drake393d ago

it was definitely.

it just felt like a let down when u consider the coliseum and Stadium games.


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