Assassins Creed III: Liberation is a Vita Yankee-Doodle Dandy: Globe and Mail

If ever there was a game that highlighted the dilemma of the PlayStation Vita, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is it.

On the one hand, the game is a technical marvel that shows off just how powerful Sony’s portable system is, not to mention how well it replicates the home console experience. On the other hand, it also spotlights the big difference between home and portable gaming and really underlines the question of why, exactly, do we want a full console experience when we’re not at home?

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Kingthrash3602268d ago

Playing the game now, it's awesome and gets awesomer as u play . I agree with the review but not the score so much, I'd give it an 8.4 simply because Its a game I would play on my tv. I see your complaint about playing it on the bus stop or on the metro to work, but I play mine at home too so my wifey won't complain about me playing ps3 while bad girls club is on. Also to solve your complaint u could play while on the toilet or during sex or whatever. Naw in all seriousness I think that's why if u press the ps button on the vita and press the power button it will pause outside the game and save energy and when u have time press the ps button again and continue right where u left off, as long as u don't remove the cart. so when ur at work just fire it back up. Even if ur battery dies you can recharge and continue. All other complaints your spot on.

GribbleGrunger2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I'm not going to read it, but are you telling me the reviewer complains that it's not a game you want to play on the go?

edit: That is ridiculous. On one hand he praises it for being close to the console version but then complains that it would have been better on a console. In other words, the Vita can't win. I've seen this attitude mirrored in many of the reviews I've read (which is why I didn't want to read this one).

So, if it's as good as the console version it gets marked down because it's on the Vita, if it's not as good as the console version, it gets marked down because the reviewer thinks it should be.

' I couldn’t help but think that with a little more work, budget and horsepower, Liberation could have ended up as a game for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, where it would have looked even better.'

Dear LORD, couldn't you say that about any handheld game ever made? This is getting pathetic. Nearly everyone over at Neogaf is stunned at some of the reviews and can't understand why it's getting so many average scores. They think it's great, as do most people I talk to on other forums.

Kingthrash3602268d ago

Yea I've noticed that too woulda mentioned it but I said it on a couple other posts. The vita is too great a system to win. It has no compition in the handhelds so they can't compare. or its just that other handhelds don't have these games coming out for them, lazy reveiwers always need SOMETHING to compare the game they review simply because they are too lazy to actually truly review a game. So they go and compare it to consoles. This is what is hurting the gaming world today amongst other things.its sad, the vita sit atop the handheld world in my opinion and reviews from...let's say..... Ign prove this fact. Ign gives ridiculous ratings for the vita, sfxt 6? Comparing it to sfxt ps3. Which in my and many other opinions is a great port. 8.5 at least. All I'm tryin to say is its a handheld so compare it to 3ds, Zune, iPad/phone/touch thos should be fair game because they are handhelds.

TheDivine2268d ago

Just bought it, playing as i type (ok not as i type its paused). Looks great, has a decent sized world, and controls well. It does look choppy/laggy, has alot of technical stuff like pop-in and odd ai that walks into walls though. Seems like it will be good though.

So far my only gripe is that the beginning sucks ass as does the story. It throws you in without barely any explanation. I wanted to see abit of her life and see the povital moment that made her want revenge and to defend her people. Instead we get no explanation other than her mom dissapeared so she kills people now go investigate a plantation lol. Does seem rather simple but damn is it better than Bloodlines. Hated that game personally, this already beats it by a country mile.

Myst2268d ago

Yeah that's what I started noticing I guess in a way that very well could drive one to trying to figure out if there is a story behind all this. So far I've got a few hours in not too sure what is fully going on but I kind of want to know I'm at a point where it started getting a bit more interesting at least.

rpd1232268d ago

Yeah they throw you in abruptly. It gets better though with a decent story. And yes, it is much better than Bloodlines. I liked that game myself, just because it was AC on the go, but it sucks compared to this.