Fifa 13 sells 7.4 million

Fifa 13 sells 7.4 million units in its first 4 weeks on sale.

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fucadastates2176d ago

its football, the greatest sport in the world.. you know

bryam19822176d ago

Thats bcuz football is the king of all sports watch and play in every country of the world(the real football the one where u use ur foot to play and not that american rugby )

Dno2176d ago

not the king in USA not even close.

bryam19822176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Yeah u r rite but thats 1 country but in the other 180 countrys of the world is the king just check theres more people watchin a single game of barcelona vs than the super bowl lol and us not even a final game or something important (112 millions for the superbowl 400 millions barcelona vs madrid game)

-GametimeUK-2176d ago

America is not the world.

slinky1234562176d ago

Where did you get those numbers? You realize that is VERY wrong, right? The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the WHOLE WORLD. It has over a Billion people watching it every year. Look it up. That's why ads for it cost more than anyother.

Brian1rr2176d ago

Americans forget there's other countries outside the states

Dno2176d ago

no we just dont care. this is not a popular sport here never was never will be.

ShaunCameron2176d ago

And neither does Canada, aside from the foreigners.

OneAboveAll2176d ago

I find "soccer" or "football" as you call it to be annoying. The fans are just so damn annoying. That, and they all act like idiots.

torchic2176d ago

I've been struggling for about 5 minutes to find the words to reply

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The story is too old to be commented.