Rockstar Keeping PC Gamers on Edge

Rockstar Games announces Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto V, but leaves out PC. Should computer gamers be worried?

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Cam9772177d ago

Someone please answer for me. In the latest screenshot of the beach girl, what buildings are in the background? SF?

Scapps2177d ago

It looks like Santa Maria Pier, based on Santa Monica Pier and the Los Santos Tower is the tallest one in the background. It is based on the US Bank Tower. All of these landmarks are located in Los Angeles

Cam9772177d ago

I know about the Pier. What I'm questioning is that the Pier (in LS) has what looks like LS' tower in the background which theoretically should behind the camera. Here is what I don't get (positioning):
What looks like LS in the background?

Scapps2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

It is actually too far right. It would be on that side of her but out of frame to her right.

mafiahajeri2177d ago

But I thought they were the elite? Hahahaha

Treian2177d ago

oh look another troll. *flags the post*

urwifeminder2177d ago

If it doesnt come out on pc i wont play it simple halo 4 is my last console game this gen ,pc games look so far ahead it has killed my console love untill next gen.

Audiggity2177d ago

The relevance of these posts is astounding...


Anyway. Yes, PC gamers should be concerned, but only about the release date. I think R* needs to verify when they can actually release the PC version.

Consoles = The masses... that's what their shareholders want to see. PC = The refined... we don't move the needle as far when it comes to stock prices, but if you want to keep your key opinion leaders happy, don't eff with the PC crowd.

I have a 360 for the record. It is great for keeping dust off of my entertainment center. However, if there's a 6 month delay for the PC version of GTA V... I'll be contributing to their terrible decision by purchasing GTA V on 3/26/12 for a console.

BitbyDeath2177d ago

PC didn't get RDR either so it shouldn't come as a huge shock.