Is this a golden age of gaming?

OXM UK - The year is 2025, and a bunch of ageing games enthusiasts are standing in a bar doing what games enthusiasts love to do most after playing games, which is complain about them. "2011 was the worst year ever," one says. "Bulletstorm flopped, the 3DS made my eyes fall out, and just when you thought we'd scraped the bottom, BioWare released Dragon Age 2." "Nonsense," says another. "We had it hardest in back in 2015. The year Apple used up the world's entire supply of copper. The year Microsoft's central headquarters sprouted giant robot legs and ate Wisconsin."

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LX-General-Kaos2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I believe the golden age of gaming was when the Nintendo 64 entertainment system had great battles with the PS1. Which resulted in some of the most memorable gaming experiences known to man. Back when games were made with higher quality and greater standards. Back when many of our big name developers and corporations did not suffer from an identity crisis. Developers from that era had more of an understanding of what we wanted as the consumer. And a much better understanding of what they wanted to create for us. Somewhere down the line that has been lost.

A lot of games from that time period still greatly surpass the offerings from the current generation. I don't think that there will be many games this Gen that can properly stand up to the legendary offerings from the real golden age. The only thing that stands out in a major way these days are graphics and resolution for some, and online gameplay which is outstanding.

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-Mika-2181d ago

I knew someone was going to say this. You're letting your nostalgia get in the way. Games today are so much better than the ps1 and n64 days. You can not deny this. From story, gameplay, presentation and more. Just about everything is better and more memorable.

You and other users need to stop getting high off of nostalgia because in my personal opinion. It guys like you that are ruing the gaming industry.

darthv722181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

No one is questioning the quality of the games of today. Yeah I fully agree that the story telling is deeper and the graphics and audio fidelity is richer. That does not invalidate the fun and entertainment many had in the earlier generations of gaming.

For me, my favorite was the genesis days. In many ways, that generation mimics what we are experiencing now. You had the dominating platform of the time (NES) and a platform that was bringing a new beginning (aka Genesis) to games and coming off a (somewhat) failure of a platform prior (Master system).

Genesis turned heads and delivered the games all the while NES continued to stay relevant while at the same time its more powerful successor was looming (SNES). Once the SNES hit it was the best days of gaming (for me at least).

You had the mud slinging from the marketing departments. you had the deals for exclusive games from 3rd parties. you had the vocal fans that supported their platform of choice.

Back then, however, they were only vocal within their own areas. Internet was on the birth but not quite prevalent as it is now. So you can see why this generation is so reminiscent of those days. Unless, of course, you never experienced them for yourself.

The players may have changed places with 360 playing the Genesis role and PS3 the SNES but the idea has always been the same. And yes i know nintendo is still in the game too. The 360/PS3 roles just seem to fit better for comparison.

omarzy2181d ago

"Games today are so much better than the ps1 and n64 days. You can not deny this. From story, gameplay, presentation and more. Just about everything is better and more memorable"

That was really uncalled for and i would like you to apologize.

I wish i could bubble you down for a personal attack.

Cam9772181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Exactly, I agree with you. With Yearly releases such as Call of Duty plaguing the market, how can this be regarded as a 'golden age?' Maybe next gen when originality returns then it may be another golden age, but for now, it is not.

However, despite major gaming not being in it's 'golden age' - Indy games certainly are! The past few years have seen some incredible Indy games being released with the Unfinished Swan and Journey being two acclaimed, yet recent highlights.

LX-General-Kaos2181d ago

I completely agree with you with the rise of the Indy game.

CottonHill2181d ago

n64 graphics sucked hard, I'd say this is the golden age because now graphics look so real.

FamilyGuy2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

This gen is the "golden age" for me.
I still remember buying my PS3 and from day 1 being able to go online and download FREE demos of tons of games that were on offer. Prior to this, during the PS2 era, the only way to get demos was through magazine subscriptions/purchases.

I had bought a few games to go along with my PS3 (MotorStorm packed in, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword, Folklore) but the ability to freely download demos of games before making a decision was the biggest revelation I had. Playing online was amazing, but I had that experience before on PS2. Having demos, a friends list, and true HD graphics (MotorStorm still looks great) made this age surpass all others, despite all my fond memories.

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blue_cheese2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

speaking for myself, as a kid born in the 90's i had a fantastic time playing peoples hand-me-down consoles from the 80's era of gaming. during the mid to late 90's i finally received a Playstation 1 and a Nintedno 64, and i had radd time with both consoles. Then it was during the early to mid 2000's i had a blast playing all the games on the Playstation 2, Xobx, and GameCube. Now its been Ps3, Xbox360, and Wii. this current generation has been a great evolution in gaming and has given me some great times with friends since online cooperative and multiplayer play has really taken to the forefront of gaming.

that being said, i will have only aged to 34 in 2025, so i'm not sure what gaming will bring in between now and then. but i always have a blast with every generation for different reasons, although personally the Playstation 1 and N64 era was my favorite time in gaming to date. i guess time will only tell, especially when it comes to gaming technology and ideas move fast so who knows what will happen from 2012 to 2025.

Godmars2902181d ago

This is the "Emperor Has No Clothes" era, where many say something making it true.

vortis2181d ago

Yes! Dude, exactly this.

Indie games are superb this gen and actually make me feel like I'm hitting those nostalgia runs from the TRUE golden era of gaming.

But all the mainstream AAA games are all flash and no substance. They're anything but golden era quality. From hackened endings to on-disc DLC to gimped gameplay, to some games clocking in at just under 5 hours and a meager, tacked-on multiplayer...

Seriously, if we were just judging games based on the AAA market I would say this has been the WORST gen of all of gaming.

Prototype2181d ago

The 90's I'd consider the golden age of gaming, with it ending around 2005.

Tzuno2181d ago

Golden age SNES-PS1. These days is likely Stone-age.

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