Kmart Offering $10 Discount on Assassin’s Creed III

Not even a full day after release, Kmart is already offering the latest entry in Desmond Miles' ancestry, Assassin’s Creed III, with a nominal discount.

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dirthurts3195d ago

I'll wait a year and buy it for 14 bucks when the next one comes out.

guitarded773195d ago

I'm still waiting for Black Friday. AC always gets a $30 price for Black Friday.

Off/On topic: I miss Kmart... they shut all of them down here in South Texas a long time ago. The thing I remember about Kmart is they always smelled the same... like a Kmart. I can remember buying Metroid for NES at Kmart back in the day. I wanted that game so bad.

Heisenburger3195d ago

I got AC3 on release and have yet to play Connor as an adult. Don't take that as a complaint as I purposefully take my time with games. But still....

Off topic/reply to you: I am from Southeast Texas and I too miss K-Mart. I used to get my Dbz toys there, back in the day.

Question: Do they still show K-Mart commercials where you live too, even though there are none?

TheDivine3195d ago

I really REALLY want this but AC games drop faster than the apple that landed on Sir Issiac Newtons head. I loved 2 but skipped Brotherhood and Revelations and now they have the trilogy for 40 with all 3. I want the collection also but im sure in a year they will have all 4 (maybe 5) in a 60 dollar collection. Now its better to wait for collections (KZ, Infamous, GOW, Uncharted, AC). Sony is a trend setter rereleasing rereleases and rereleasing collections of past collections lol. Great deals though.

Just got Liberation to hold me over. Somehow i feel better about 40 bucks and the fact it prob wont drop as quick as AC3 which will be 20 by Christmas maybe even Black Friday. Gotta love yearly releases.