Halloween: Visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

For those of you trying to get the Storyteller achievement legitimately, tomorrow is Halloween. The first achieved by many, this article gives a few stats on how many people legitimately went through with the achievement versus how many cheaters changed their clock. Which do you think there were more of?

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mafiahajeri2178d ago

Or just change the date and get them all :D

RyanDJ2178d ago

I see you are one of the cheaters. :P

mafiahajeri2178d ago

Yeah Iam :P I mean who in his right mind would actually do it legitimately? Imagine you forgot? Or you misplaced your copy and couldnt find it on halloween you would have to wait a whole year to get the trophy! :P

But I can see how it would be satisfying to do it legitimately.

RyanDJ2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I am one away from legitimacy. Two hours, in fact. :)

MasterD9192177d ago

Wow...seems a little late for me to find this out now.
And oddly enough I was thinking about going through AC all over again.